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Welcome to the Open Devices community!

This is where we discuss open source and development related questions on our Open Devices initiative.

Xperia xa2 ultra dual (4213) unlock bootloader fails

One time poster
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Message 1 of 3

Xperia xa2 ultra dual (4213) unlock bootloader fails



I constantly fail to unlock bootloader of my Xperia XA2 Ultra dual. I think I followed instructions from Sony website.


In service menu/service info/configuration, the page displays:


Rooting status:
     Bootloader unlock allowed:Yes


I have activated Developer options, enabled USB debbugging and checked that "OEM unlocking" is enabled.


Using adb, I can enable fastboot mode (using adb reboot bootloader), the notification led is turned to blue. fastboot is also successfuly enabled with VolumeUp+USB.

I have requested an unlock code (from Sony website) with phone IMEI1 code.


But all attempts to execute the unlock command fail.

fastboot -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0x<mycode>  
FAILED (command write failed (Success))
Finished. Total time: 0.001s

  fastboot command seems to work, as I can perform a reboot and get back to fastboot mode:

fastboot -i 0x0fce reboot-bootloader           
rebooting into bootloader
OKAY [  0.000s]
Finished. Total time: 0.103s

I have performed attempts with and without SIM card inserted.


The device is brand new, I did skip most of startup operations (no google stuff nor user account creation) and only created a wifi connection to check updates. No new software is installed. The system software update says that the firmware is up to date (build number 50.1.A.13.83).


I use a dell laptop powered by latest and updated Arch Linux.


Any idea or tip ?


One time poster
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Re: Xperia xa2 ultra dual (4213) unlock bootloader fails

I reply to myself (from a new account), something weird happened to the other one >_>" (but who cares).


The unlock operation finally succeeded. I have "fully" finished installation operations with a google account and so on (including installation of a such an amount of unwanted software [Google useless stuff, Amazon, Facebook and many other ones]). Once the installation process was completed, the bootloader did accept to be unlocked. Puzzling ...


Anyway, the operation is successful and now I can use my phone the way I intend to be.


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Message 3 of 3

Re: Xperia xa2 ultra dual (4213) unlock bootloader fails

I am experiencing the exact same problem. Can you tell what you did differently to fix it? Thanks.