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Welcome to the Open Devices community!

This is where we discuss open source and development related questions on our Open Devices initiative.

What exactly does the -eng buildtype contain?

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What exactly does the -eng buildtype contain?

Hi there,


thanks to the OpenDevice Program me, a lot of friends and almost all my family members, own an Xperia Device.


Right now i own an Z, Z4 (Z3+), and an XZ, of course with AOSP.


I always rooted my devices with SuperSU, but now comes the tricky question.


When running the "lunch" right before the build, i never used the -eng buildtype because i don't need any development stuff or similar stuff on my phone, but do i have root access when i use -eng?


The original android source contians three build types

user --> Normal AOSP without root

userdebug --> Same as user but with root access and some debug tools

eng --> Development setup with lot of tools and stuff meant for developing on android


Why is there no userdebug when i build AOSP for my Xperia Devices and what are the exact changes between the normal build and the -eng build?

Developer World
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Re: What exactly does the -eng buildtype contain?



Open Devices is intended for development andwe provide for all devices eng and userdebug builds

There is no user build since this is not a consumer oriented software. Unless you need heavy logging you should not use the userdebug variant.