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Welcome to the Theme Creator forum. 

If you have a question, search the forum to see if the answer is already available, or post your question or comment in a new thread.


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Navbar Buttons

Can someone tell me can I change navbar buttons with zhis tool or not? I changed png's in cs6, but they remains the same. I changed home icon and pagination dots icon, background. Xperia E3 D2204 with stock 4.4.2

Developer World
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Re: Can't see live color changes in theme creator and colors keep reverting

The tool's window can be moved if it's not maximized.

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Theme creator not showing changes in theme



I have created some custom navigation icon with photoshop CS6 and saved it as a tutorials showed.but, 

Theme creator not showing it.


I also checked I saved it or not by re-opening  that file and it's saved





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Re: Theme creator not showing changes in theme

Hi Vaibhavbsp!


If possible, could you please check and confirm that you have a file called "" in a folder named "SystemUI-NavBar" where you created your theme project?

Also preview the file so that you can check it looks the same as when you edited it in photoshop.


If you don't know the path of your theme project, you can easily find it by clicking the Edit-menu > Project Properties in Theme Creator and look at what the "Project directory" field says.


Theme Creator picks up changes in the theme project folder, which means it should show you a preview of the change if the file was saved in the right format and with the correct filename.



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Re: Bug

None of the colours work for me. I change it. Press OK. And nothing changes. I really don't know what's wrong Slightly frowning Face