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Tips & Tricks

If you want to get the max out of your Xperia phone then check out Xperia tips page.

The software update collection topic

Sony Xperia Support
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Message 1 of 1

The software update collection topic

Software updates is a hot topic and this collection thread covers how it works.


All phone models receive a software update every now and then and we always try to optimize the phone performance and features in every one of them.  But the most common questions are “When will I get the update?” or “When will next update be released?”.


First, to get a better understanding of how creating and launching new software updates works I strongly suggest that you read the articles published on Developer World.




These articles explain it all from receiving the source code to when the update finally makes it to your device.

As you can read in the article, all updates needs to pass all approvals and certifications before it can be released for your device.


So unfortunately we here at the forum can’t say exactly when this will happen for your specific device but we always try to make as specific communications as possible when announcing new software update roll outs. Always check the product blog for the latest official information about products and software updates.


All software updates rolls out gradually over time so it might not hit your device at the same time as we present it. To get the latest information about software update availability for your device you should contact your local support team since the updates are based on region and versions.


There are two ways of updating your phone software. 


1.     Via phone, OTA (Over the Air).


Your phone has a built in application for updating your phone software. This application is called Update Center and can be found in your application drawer or via Settings > About phone > Software update. This application can scan for new software, notify about new software and also install new updates. But note that sometimes Update Center can only notify you about new phone software but not install it. This depends on the update itself and if it can be installed OTA or if the phone needs to be connected to a computer to perform the update. If this is the case you will be informed about that in the notification given to you by the Update Center application.

Update Center will also inform you about the size of a new software update. If it’s a larger update, connecting to a Wi-Fi network is always recommended before downloading the update. This way you can save download data from your network subscription and also download time.


If you don’t have access to any Wi-Fi network and experience problems doing a software update OTA please be aware of that some network operators doesn’t support FOTA (Firmware Over the Air). So if you’re trying to update your phone OTA via mobile networks make sure that your network operator supports FOTA. If yes and you still experience problems downloading the update check if your APN settings have any Proxy details that could block the download. You can check this in the following menu. Settings > More (Wireless & networks) > Mobile networks > APN or Access Point Names > Your Internet APN. Check if any details are set for Proxy and Proxy port. If yes you can try to delete them (temporarily) and save the APN. Now try downloading the update again.


2.     Via computer


You can use our program Xperia Companion to scan, install and repair phone software.



If you experience any problems doing a software update via computer, please check the following.


-       USB ports. If you don’t get any connection with the phone try to connect your USB cable to another USB port on your computer. If you’re using USB 3.0 ports make sure that you have installed the main board manufacturer drivers for them. Still not working please see the USB connection FAQ topic.


-       Internet connection. If your Internet connection is using a Proxy please check that the Proxy settings are correct in Xperia Companion by going to Settings for Xperia Companion in the top right corner > Proxy settings.


-       Firewall. Please make sure that no firewall blocks Internet communication. Check ignores list or temporarily disable the protection when doing the update.


-       Anti-Virus. Please check that no security software is blocking the program from running or communicating with the Internet.


If you get a message saying that your phone already has the latest software even if you have seen on the web that a later software version is available, this might not be an error. But as described above, it might not be released for your device just yet. Reasons for this please see beginning of this post.


If you have read the above, tried the tips and still experience any issue please feel free to participate in any of the ongoing discussion topics here on our forum.