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How to unlock a phone w/o reseting/reformating the phone.

Message 1 of 1
Message 1 of 1

How to unlock a phone w/o reseting/reformating the phone.

This is how to unlock a phone if you forgot the pin, pattern lock or password without having to lose anything on your internal storage. 


On your computer go to MyXperia > login > select your device > lock > enter a 4 digit pin > lock. It is also a good idea that you also enter a message so that you can see when the new PIN has been sent to your device.
On your phone enter the new 4 digit code, that should remove any pin, pattern or password. 


For MyXperia to work, the phone has to be:


1. On

2. Data or WiFi on

3. GPS on

4. Your Gmail account/email has to be on the phone

5. You must know your Gmail password

6. MyXperia has to be on/enabled


In addition to using MyXperia, you may also try setting a new lock code using Googles own Device Manager, found by clicking here. Note that you may only set a new code if you do NOT use a pattern as your lock method.

Once logged on to Google Device Manager using the same Google credentials that are used in your device, find your device in the list > Enable Lock & Erase > Lock > Enter a new password and enter a message so that you may see when the new password has been sent.

For this to work, the phone has to be:
1. On
2. Have an active internet connection (Wi-Fi or Mobile data)
3. Have an active Google account added which you know the credentials for


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