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How to perform a software repair with Xperia Companion

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How to perform a software repair with Xperia Companion

If you experience some issues with your smartphone, especially after a software update, it is recommended that you give it a try and perform a software repair which usually helps in most of the cases: poor battery life, lag, apps crashing etc.



Before you perform the software repair, make sure you have tried restarting your device (turn off and back on or simply restart from power button menu) or booting in safe mode, steps that can help you identify the issue or fix any unexpected behaviour.



The repair process will erase all internal memory: contacts, messages, bookmarks etc. Media files stored in internal memory are also lost. If you want to backup your files, here is how to do that.

What you have stored on your external card (microSD) will not be deleted.



This tool can be used on both operating systems (Windows and MAC) and it needs an internet connection in order to perform the software repair.

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Re: How to perform a software repair

Below you have the steps (with screenshots) on how to perform the software repair using Xperia Companion.


1. In this first step, make sure you have installed the application on your computer. Open it and click on Software repair tab. There are two different steps now depending on if the device is connected to your computer or not.


2A. If the device is already powered on and connect to your computer, click on "Next" and follow the steps on your screen.

Note! The device needs to be set to MTP mode. To set the device to MTP mode, unplug the USB cable from the device and plug it in again and choose "Transfer files".
2B. If the device can't be detected or powered on, o
r if you it's a SmartWatch 3, make sure you have ticked the box in the bottom left corner "My device cannot be detected or started, or is a Smartwatch 3" and then click on "Next".


3. Choose which device you are going to perform the software repair on and make sure your device is at least 80% charged before you proceed to the next step. Also, connecting your laptop/PC to a power source is recommended.


4. This is an important step. Do not proceed if you don't remember your Google account information as you might not be able to access the device after the repair is finished. If everything is fine, tick the box to proceed:




5. The indications are clear, make sure to follow them exactly as presented below:


6. Tick the box that you are aware of the personal data loss. SD card data will be intact. A progress bar will fill up, initializing the next step:


7. If the phone has been correctly detected, you will proceed to this step. From this point on, avoid disconnecting the device at any cost, as this could result in turning your device into a soft brick or facing a continuous bootloop:




8. Wait for the repair process to complete. This might take some time. Again, do not disconnect the device:




9. The repair process has ended. You can safely disconnect the device and turn it back on. First startup after a repair might take a while:




Enjoy your Xperia! 

Moderators are not affiliated with, or work for Sony Mobile, and their posts represent their own opinions and views. Click here to find out more about the different roles on the community.