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Tips & Tricks

If you want to get the max out of your Xperia phone then check out Xperia tips page.

Facing problems with abnormal battery % and shutdown ?

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Facing problems with abnormal battery % and shutdown ?

Are you facing the issue of abnormal battery % / sudden shutdowns  ?


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And so many others.



On Xperias with removable battery

Note the battery % . Take the battery out of your phone and re-insert it after 5 minutes or so. Switch it on and observe the battery%. See if there's any significant drop in battery % ( 5+ % or more ). Most probably this problem has been corrected.




On Xperias with built in / embedded battery

The way to force shutdown varies with phone. To find the correct way go to Support > select your phone > Select "User Guide" > From the contents given on the left side, select "Support and maintenance" and then  choose "restarting and resetting"

However on most phones, it's done by 

Press and hold the "Power" button and "Volume Up" button at the same time for
5 Seconds > Forced Restart ( One Vibration )
10 Seconds > Forced Shutdown ( Three Vibrations )



Note the battery %. Force shutdown your phone by following the method above.

Now switch it on and observe the battery %. See if there's any significant drop in % ( 5+ % or more ). Then most probably the problem has been solved.


If any of the above didn't help then >

Update / Repair your phone via Xperia Companion


Download Xperia Companion and install it. Do not connect your phone until you're asked to do so.


Launch Xperia Companion > Select Software repair > Follow the on-screen instructions it shows.


How to avoid this error in future

  1. This error is usually produced when the phone is left connected to the charger even after battery becomes full.So disconnect the charger as soon as the battery charging status becomes full [ ( settings > battery > full ) or ( settings > about phone > status > full) ]To help deal with it, install any app from google play that fires up any kind of alarm or notification whenever battery goes full.
  2. Avoid using apps that monitor / manage battery, task killers, android manager, battery savers. They usually harm more than they do good.

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Re: Facing problems with abnormal battery % ?

I'll keep this thread locked.

If you want to post questions or anything related to this discussion then post here

I'll be monitoring it.

Discussion guidelines.
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