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restrictions in camera

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Message 1 of 4

restrictions in camera

I noticed that 3rd party camera apps have access to only 8Mp of the camera. I tried FV5, adobe and open camera. Is there a solution?


If not, my request from sony (by order of preference)


  1. The Sony camera app to be able to save in RAW
  2. Let other apps be able to save in RAW format
  3. At least let other apps have access to the full capabilities of the camera.

    I personally don’t like jpeg artifacts in some of my pictures and your app produces a lot. On my Z1c I used another app to save in png format. I hoped by now this would have improved but to my horror I found out it has become even worse. With the XZ2c I have lost even this option.

    Other sony clients may be interested in other features. Why not let us free to adapt the camera to our preferences. For me the camera is a big part of my mobile. And I know sony produces good cameras and sensors. I don’t understand what is the point in restricting its capabilities.

    Thanks to sony for producing such a good mobile phone on a compact format; and with dual sim support.
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Re: restrictions in camera

I believe fv5 has full resolution if you turn on "force use of legacy driver" in the image settings on the app.Screenshot_20180820-100128.png




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Message 3 of 4

Re: restrictions in camera

Thank you viridis, this worked for me. In my case to take pictures with FV5 I also needed to check ‘allow taking photos without focus’ (although the test photos I took are actually in focus) and also the applications crashes often. But it is a great improvement. I can live with this. Thanks again.


I would like to note that the artifacts I was talking about earlier are created by aggressive noise reduction. The best solution is for Sony to offer RAW format as an option.

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Message 4 of 4

Re: restrictions in camera

I have tried many more apps since my first post and compared the results.


My conclusions:


FV5 and snap camera are the only two apps that work with the camera of this mobile (full resolution). FV5 crashes (rarely) and sometimes produces out of focus pictures but has a better interface. It’s safer to go with snap. 


Even though I set them up for png (FV5) and ‘no processing’ (snap) they both produce images that are processed and loaded with artifacts from noise reduction; but less than the native sony app. So, in that respect they are an improvement.


Both these apps in other mobiles (including my old Z1compact) take excellent pictures free of artifacts but not with the XZ2c. Furthermore, in non-sony mobiles, many apps can also produce RAW.


If you want to take a picture of a document or a product to send to somebody via email or if you want a picture that will be shrinked to 4 Mp to be posted at facebook this camera will do the job very well. For this use, the native sony app is superior (focus, lighting etc).


If like me once in a while you wish a clean picture you are out of luck for the time being.


I am disappointed but I do not regret buying this mobile. There is nothing overall better in this size today.

If some solution appears please post it here. I will be very grateful.