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Xperia Z5 rear camera misty/foggy/condensation?

One time poster
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Message 1 of 1

Xperia Z5 rear camera misty/foggy/condensation?

Alright so I have had this problem for quite some time (about a year probably). Its to do with the rear camera, the lens seems very foggy, now I have looked through every single possible forum there is on this exact problem, saying to open the flaps and use your mouth  in the moisture, to record 4k video for long periods, to play a demanding game for a while, to place it on top of a hot surface like a laptop. Nothing has worked but some others have success, now I'm starting to wonder if it even is condensation or if its just permanently stained from the inside on the actual lens or something. So as for taking pictures and video the quality hasn't actually decreased a whole tonne, except for when theres little light its noticeable or if you're far away from the object in question, its also really difficult to focus now too. And it just looks ugly so I wanna know if anyone has any more suggestions or can debunk for me right now what my actual problem is.4B01DEFD-0CCC-4490-BCFA-9704AEF6FC44.png324C536D-B937-4438-9CD8-90B1A0D730DD.pngBD3D9E8B-E0FD-4635-A245-BEFE9CE77244.png68C51A93-4999-4F14-96E6-381468B12C2D.pngD8CC3E42-1DDB-465D-87E6-F9DA7DADB5E6.png5F305069-C2CC-448A-8A0B-F76AE9916D57.pngC1C466F9-56E4-4311-8E17-54AE8C6E2C35.png