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Xperia XZ Premium Camera crashes phone often

Message 11 of 13
Message 11 of 13

Re: Panic restart when starting camera

I would have done debugging in safe mode if it had been feasible.


In my case, the first camera launch after each boot would be successful. And even any immediate reopening of the app would be successful too. 


And whenever after the camera app is closed, and I switched to other applications and also left the phone idle for some time, then the subsequent camera launch would cause the phone to restart.


So it is not easy to simulate this in safe mode as there is no clue to predict when this will happen. And even it doesn't happen in safe mode there is no way to distinguish between "it won't happen" and "it didn't happen yet". 

Message 12 of 13
Message 12 of 13

Re: Xperia XZ Premium Camera crashes phone often

The Sony support finally reply to my Camera issue request but non of the options below didn't solve my problem.


Thank you for contacting Sony Xperia™ Online Support.
In regards to your inquiry we're sorry to hear about the problems that you're having with your Sony device. We'll be happy to assist you. In this case please try  these methods one after the other. Verify whether the problem was solved after each method, before trying the next one.
• Restart your device using the power key.
• Force the Camera app to stop.
• Clear the Camera app’s cache.
• Clear the Camera app’s data.
• Check for new software wirelessly in your device using Settings > About phone/tablet > Software update. However, some updates are not available for wireless download. You then need to check for new software using a computer using the Xperia Companion application.
• Use Safe mode to check if any downloaded applications are causing the problem. In Safe mode, your device starts with preinstalled software and applications only. If the camera works in Safe mode, it’s likely that one or more of your post-purchase downloaded applications are affecting the device negatively. If you're not sure which application is causing the problem, start by uninstalling the most recently downloaded application.
• If your Xperia™ device has the latest available software and the problem still persists, try to perform a factory data reset on your device. Note that all content on the internal memory of your device gets deleted when you perform a factory data reset. You can backup content that you want to keep. To back up your content, you can copy it to a computer. Content on any external memory card (SD card) is not deleted.


So I replied if there is another solution and waiting for the response.

Message 13 of 13
Message 13 of 13

Re: Xperia XZ Premium Camera crashes phone often

I've received a new reply from Sony Support but it didn't help at all :-(


In this case, we recommend you to perform a software repair to eliminate any glitches or bugs that may be causing this issue on the unit by installing Xperia Companion for Windows based computers and Mac. You can download this from the link below.
Please remember to perform a backup of the information because this process will reset the device into factory settings.
We have an extended guide that should help you fix the issue with your phone. Please follow the instructions carefully:
Visit the link:
Click on Download Xperia™ Companion
Run the software and install it
Open the program:
1.      In the Main screen, the Software Repair process is initiated from the Dashboard, where you will see different modules available. Click on “Software Repair” to start.
There are a number of requirements which must be met before the repair can take place.
2.      After reading the on-screen requirements and device information, click on “Next” to continue.
3.      Xperia™ Companion will advise of Google Theft Protection risks. You must acknowledge that you know your Google account details before proceeding. If you know your Google account details, click on the check mark and “Next” to continue.
4.      The program will issue a message warning you that all locally stored data will be lost during the process. Click on the check mark and then “Next” if you understand and wish to continue.
5.      After that, Xperia™ Companion will download the Update Engine application. This application will run in the background and you will see the progress of the Engine download in the top right of the screen. The service will continue automatically when the download has completed. The time to download the program will vary depending on your internet connection speed.
6.      Once the Update Engine has been installed, you will be prompted to connect the device. You must follow the steps for Xperia™ Companion to detect the device.
7.      When device has been detected, the application will automatically move to the next step. This is the final stage and last option to cancel the process. Click “Next” if you wish to continue.
8.      Xperia™ Companion will now download and transfer the updated files to the device. The time to complete the repair process will vary depending on your internet connection speed as the updated files are downloaded. The downloaded files are then applied to the connected device. It is important that the device is not disconnected at this point.
9.      When the repair has been completed Xperia™ Companion will continue and confirm a successful repair. Click on the “Done” button.
When completed, Xperia™ Companion will navigate back to the Main screen/Dashboard. You may review the process by clicking on “Software Repair”.
Note: If you wish only to update the unit just click on “Software Update” on Xperia™ Companion main screen and follow the on screen instructions


I do hope Sony is working on the solution and bring new update soon!