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Wish list for the camera app.

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Message 1 of 4

Wish list for the camera app.

After few weeks of using the camera in XZ P i have few impressions and so i will try to write down a list of changes which would be nice to have one day on a XZ P. First thing is - the camera is really great, although:


1)Could there be a manual focus in video recording mode ? That would help a lot in grabbing macro videos. Even the older phones like HP9 has it.  Then whe have a new camera in XZP and there is no such option.

2)Auto mode uses a selection of different schemes (macro, portrait, landscape, etc.). Would be nice to have a access to those, and to use them as you wish.

3)Could there be a possibility to lock few manual settings in manual mode, name them, and to pin them at a button? Could be helpfull.

4).Could there be a fix to a macro problem in manual settings (that gives disadvantage with focus distance when used against superior auto mode)?

5.Could there be a *off* button to a algorythms that are correcting skin on people faces?

6.Super slow motion is superb. The problem with grabbing a super slow motion footage is a need of perfect timing: if you have a bee on a flower, and you wish to catch a movement of its wings, you have to be precise, and press it when it moves rapidly flom a flower. Why not to use a function that helps the predictive capture to catch few more pictures. There could be a ssm video predictive mode, that will fire the ssm when there is a lof of movement on a frame.


Someone has some more ideas, write them down please.


Have a nice day!

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Time lapse

Face with rolling EyesI wish Sony's shooting mode interval is very important

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Message 3 of 4

Re: تايم لابس

Google Translate says something about "Sony's shooting mode", I'm not sure what exactly do you mean.
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Message 4 of 4

Re: تايم لابس



 Pic for clarification📽️

i hope thes thing is in the next version