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First Real camera samples taken with XPERIA 1

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Message 1 of 16

First Real camera samples taken with XPERIA 1

Picture quality, not impressive.Confused Face The pictures have a mediocre dynamic range (bright areas looked overexposed), and in the shadows, noise still visible.
In day time, any cheap Chinese smartphones can show the same level, but where is the promised flagship level?Thinking Face



1580_1556197196930.jpg1580_1556197234235.jpg1580_1556197215218.jpg1 х.jpg1580_1556197744315.jpg1580_1556197747888.jpg

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Message 2 of 16

The approach does not change ..

Seems to me, noone xperia camera, newer can't be work with a bright light, it will be haunt sony owners cameras before the sunset of the smartphones era :Улыбка: Untitled.jpg

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Message 3 of 16

Re: The approach does not change ..

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Message 4 of 16

XPERIA 1 camera samples. Again problems with clipping

Neverending story : Sweat_Smile:х1.jpg

Apple, Google, Samsung, Huawei These companies, long ago solved the problem of overexposing bright areas, but Sony, even with the arrival of new programmers from the Alpha division, could not solve this problem. And at the presentation of Xperia 1, they demonstrated the advantage shots with Xperia 1, over competitors )
Liars. However, as usual with sonymobile

Всем привет! Ребятки, это небольшой обзор на новинку от SONY! Если чего упустил в обзоре, то спрашивайте в комментариях. По возможности отвечу или сниму видео. Сильно не пинайте, трубу удалось взять буквально на пару дней и просто катастрофически не хватает времени, чтобы всё максимально охватить
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Message 5 of 16

Re: XPERIA 1 camera samples. Again problems with clipping

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Message 8 of 16

Why photos taken from Xperia 1, still are not competitive

I don’t know what the new programmers from Alpha have been doing there for several months, but the result of their work is the same as the previous programmers, who have 5 long years, ruined our lives. 

It`s unfortunate that the belief that the Xperia will have a great camera, shakes like a sandcastle.

Xperia cameras feature, always in all generations, was the inability to have a wide dynamic range. And this, in turn, makes shots, lifeless.

Everything was as it used to be, without any changes, passed by inheritance to new Xperia 1. And where visible work from Alpha guys, remains a mystery .. The only advantage of the new cameras it the Zeiss optics, which make objects in foreground, more voluminous, but unfortunately that's all!

Me long before of Xperia 1 release (then it was called XZ4) mentioned it more than once, that Sony must solve this problem, but... Its call, traditions

And before that, Sony was promoting their high ISO 50,000 of the XZ2 Premium, and what happened now that your Xperia 1 has a maximum ISO 3200 ...? )) Maybe that's why we do not see the difference in the dynamic range? 

Xperia 1 sample

Xperia XZ3 sample

Huawei P30 Pro

At MWC2019, you promised in an interview with a journalist that you know about these issues and that they will be eliminated in Xperia 1 and that Sony will make the best cameras within a year. And where is all this?
And you can already be completely confident that the future Xperia 2, wich will be realise on IFA 2019, Xperia 3 on MWC 2020, and so on. will never have the great cameras for PHOTO.
So let the administrators and moderators pass it to greedy Sony bosses . It is a pity, but the Sony era, it`s coming to an end : Thermometer_Face:


One time poster
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Message 9 of 16

Re: Why photos taken from Xperia 1, still are not competitive

Yeah, it seems that it still has the same issues than previous Xperias in low light and with dynamic range. Really disappointing. When my Xperia 1 arrives I will test if HDR-Mode in manual settings can rescue light sources or what you can do with RAW-data and Light Room.


It will go back immediately if there´s the same light mess than with my previous Xperias. I also can´t believe that the team of Alpha-cameras worked on this camera. There´s no better sensor and even no good algorithms. Especially not for low light pictures. 

Message 10 of 16
Message 10 of 16

Camera battle: Xperia 1 vs Xperia XZ2

I don’t understand why there was so much PR campaign about the Xperia1 camera, if its images are practically the same as on XZ2c ...
Does not make much sense, selling XZ2 and buying X1, since the post-processing is the same, the detailing is almost identical, and the dynamic range has not changed. Of the benefits, only new HDR work and not a bad telephoto camera

Directly to the case .
To your court, I will present the same shots from both cameras. The order is as follows: the first samples from X1, the second from XZ2


As everyone can see, the detailing remains at the same level, the color is identical, the dynamic range is almost the same. And this is what we expected from Sony Alpha ..?

And the camera on shots right side, shows blurry details

HDR on


Another sample

The same we can see on GSMArena test

Lab. comparison

It is unfortunate that Xperia smartphones are still not a photo solution. ((DSC_4598.jpgDSC_0048.jpgDSC_0052.jpgDSC_0056.jpg