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Camera XA2 ULTRA updates?

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Message 1 of 3

Camera XA2 ULTRA updates?

I love Sony Xperia and it's Camera, I always have and always will. Recently bought Xperia XA2 Ultra here in the Philippines (primarily for the reason that you can control the shutter speed and high ISO capabilities). It's a little shame for a midrange smartphone because the shutter speed control is only upto 1 second and thus also eliminate the control of you ISO when using it. Compared some midrange brands and have more control over shutter speed and ISO much freely compared to XA2 Ultra. Im hoping that the CAMERA for this product may have an update so we can also enjoy the freedom of taking pictures manually. Is there's an update for this soon? Or any other way around it so we can fully enjoy the manual controls? 

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Manual Mode (Pro Mode) in Camera | XPeria XA2 Ultra


I bought an Xperia XA2 Ultra (H4233) on Amazon. I realised that in the camera, when I switch to "Manual Mode", I can't adjust ISO and Shutter Speed individually. When I try to adjust the Shutter Speed, the ISO switches to Auto and when I try to adjust the ISO, Shutter speed goes to auto. Is that normal or is there a problem with my device?

My previous device (a Windows Phone), my friend's Samsung S8 also allowed me adjust every setting individually in Pro mode. So, it'll be odd if I can't do it on this device.

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Message 3 of 3

Re: Camera XA2 ULTRA updates?

I also have the same issue and I'm regretting this purchase!