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Camera/Screen Issues

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Message 1 of 2

Camera/Screen Issues

So, as one problem after another builds up with the most frustrating, unsatisfying (and most expensive, ironically) phone I've ever had, the latest is one of the most frustrating.

In short, sometimes when the camera loads up it only displays on half the screen with the other half (the top half) black. The auto-rotate will also fail to work, and the image is usually horizontal even when the phone is held vertically. This isn't a major problem so much as an ongoing one, and it is usually resolved by restarting the phone (forcing the camera app to stop doesn't seem to cut it) but it's a frustration when you miss what it is you're trying to photograph.

It's not the only issue with the camera app. The shutter button is now usually non-functional once the camera app is open. It works fine to open the app, it sometimes decides to work to adjust the focus, but it seldom works to actually take any pictures any more. Sometimes the onscreen shutter button will also fail to appear and I have to make sure the option for taking a photo by pressing anywhere on the screen is switched on.

The camera also seems to be interfering with other things as well. I use a third party lockscreen app (preferable to the ugly stock one that forces a clock in the centre of the screen) and on occasion when unlocking my phone the camera app opens automatically. It also seems to open itself when making/taking a call usually - interfering with the caller screen and preventing me from being able to hang up calls, or use the dial pad if necessary.

I don't have any further camera apps on my phone anymore apart from social media sites that have camera usage. But these problems are growing in number, and this is without addressing the separate issues of over-heating I've had since buying the phone in late 2015, the phone crashing about once a week and taking about 20% of the battery with it (worryingly my Z1 did this but would drain the entire battery, and it became unusable), the headphone jack being dodgy and... Well it just goes on.

The main problem I want resolving right now is this annoying rotated half screen I get when trying to use the camera. Thanks to anyone who could offer some advice!
Sony Xperia Support
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Message 2 of 2

Re: Camera/Screen Issues

Hi @JoshJackJenkins,

I am sorry you're having so many difficulties with your Z5. Slightly frowning Face


Could you please test your phone in safe mode and see if the same issues occur?

Official Sony Xperia Support Staff

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