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xperia x compact disappointment

Message 21 of 24
Message 21 of 24

Re: xperia x compact disappointment

That's interesting.

My X Compact has a rubber seal on the SIM/SD-card port ...

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Message 22 of 24

Re: xperia x compact disappointment


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Message 23 of 24

Re: xperia x compact disappointment

@tronjojo wrote:

no snapdragon 820?  no ip 68?


big disappointment.  Sony is forcing us to switch to iphone

Here is a video comparison between the Z5C and XC that shows how the XC is noticeably faster on normal usage:


But yes, it missed IP68. It has 3GB or RAM, though! And I've just bought it in eBay, brand new, sealed with 2 years warrantky for just 361€. I can't really complain. Slightly smiling Face

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Message 24 of 24

Re: xperia x compact disappointment

I come from a Z1 Compact wich died on me after a splash of water. So far for the IP certification. Sony replaced it for a Z3 Compact. Fantastic phone but recently also died on me. Now the screen stopt working. Another replacement (still under warranty). I have been using the X Compact for a few weeks now and can't complain. You will not notice the difference between the the Snadragon chipset. For the water resistance... pfff... don't make a big deal of it. After a year or even less all the ports have dust in them or will not close as good as it was out off the box. Therefore your IP68 phone is no longer water resistant.
Z1c, Z3c Z5c etc, they are all expensive phones so handle it with care and don't thow them in you sink.