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xperia J radio problem.

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Message 1 of 2

xperia J radio problem.

Hi guys, 

I`ll make this as brief as possible.

I`m in Ireland, just outside Dublin.

I lost my xperia x8 last week so decided to buy an xperia J. I bought it and took it home and set it up and all was fine until I tried the radio...which I use a lot because I walk a lot. It wouldnt search properly and only picked up one or two of the major radio stations but they were very weak and as soon as I moved they just went `fuzzy`and inaudable...the sound was low even at max volume.

I noticed i the box that the fone came in that a `smart headset`was recommended so I thought that maybe it was needed for radio reception as the headset formed part of the antenna circuit. There was a 25% off voucher and instructions on where to log into online to order them, I tried but there was no option for Ireland, just 5 countries, UK, France, Germany, Sweden and I think Italy. So I phoned Sony helpline and to cut a long story short `Catherine `told me to try any retail store here to see if they had them!...I was thinking...arent you representing Sony?..cant you organise a set to be sent to me? But she just said what`s on the website is all she could help with and didnt seem to want to be bothered.

I then phoned Sony Ireland....which immediately re-directed me to Sony UK again....this time to `Mortimer`...I briefly explained to him and he was no better than Catherine.

I then phoned the shop I bought it in here (Carphone Warehouse) to see if they had the smart headset but they didnt and said any head set should do...I explained the problem to them and brought the fone to them but they couldnt solve the problem. At this stage I said I`ll just use the radio app when I walk and not bother with the radio,  I did this once for 2 hours and it used up all my credit!...I didnt realise the radio app was so data hungry!. I have a new Sony fone with basically no radio function.

I went back to Carphone warehouse today and they tried to tune in the radio and got the same results as me, they opened another new Xperia J and that was the same so in the end I opted for a refund.

If anyone else has/had the same issue and got it sorted please let me know because I really liked the fone and would love to get another if the radio worked.


Sorry for the long story but between the unavailability of the smart headset here and the radio problem I was so disappointed.


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Message 2 of 2

Re: xperia J radio problem.

I bought a samsung S3.....far better fone....sorry Sony you lost me as a customer.