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how to get back to android 2.3 and forget 4.0.4 ?

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how to get back to android 2.3 and forget 4.0.4 ?



when i was under android 2.3, all was very good, flawless, speed.

Now,under 4.0.4 all my user experiences with my xperia are slow, bad impression, like a every bug, very very slow.


In the first month of 4.0.4, the phone was alike speed as in 2.3  but suddenly, since a year, it is very very very slow.


i wish to come back to android 2.3, how can i do that ?


will a hardware-reset make it back to 2.3 ?


at least, is there a ligh application which can tell me WHICH ONE use more memory or WHICH ONE use the cpu and make the phone slow ?


thank for help.


Best regards




how can

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Re: how to get back to android 2.3 and forget 4.0.4 ?

If you wish to downgrade then you will need to do this manually using a program called Flashtool and you will also need a .ftf firmware file for your model and firmware version that you desire

For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled.   Richard P. Feynman

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Re: how to get back to android 2.3 and forget 4.0.4 ?

i discovered that the problem (general slow down) came from an application and not from android 4.x

in fact, this is the application/service protectedmediascanner which slow down all the performance and user experience in android 4.x  since i upgrade my xperia.


in android 2.3, this protectedmediascannertrigger did not slow down the system.

so, why does it do that in android 4.x ?


i search a way to update protectedmediascanner which is still in 1.0 release  ! but xperia does not provide such update with the OS !!!!!


if like me, you update from 2.3 to 4.x and notice your xperia is now totaly slow down, then try to get out  you microsd card and  check now.

Once it is done, android 4.x is quicker like never ever before. I guess there is a problem between android 4.x and protectedmediascanner (which scan continualy your microsd card).