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crashes and freezes.

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Message 1 of 6

crashes and freezes.

Since updating to kit kat, my phone regularly crashes and restarts or freezes. I can't see any pattern as to why? It's happened whilst typing an email, text message, browsing the Internet and playing a game. It's started to happen at least once a day now and getting really annoying. Any fixes? I presume it's something running in the background that's causing it.
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Re: crashes and freezes.

Boot your phone in safe mode,see if the same occurs:

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Re: crashes and freezes.

Have you found a solution to this?  Mine is doing the same.  It's unusable.

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Re: crashes and freezes.

i have been having the same issue, i have tried using the update service, i managed to factory reset the phone, but can not use the sony companion suit to reset or repair as the phone will not stay on long enough to be recognised by it. i have been trying for 5 days to resolve this and contacted sony help desk, customer care etc. but todate nothing has been forthcoming.


i have a phone 2 months old that is rendered useless, i am paying a contract i can not use, i have no means of communication via phone and i am loosing business and money as a result. 


i would have expected customer service and aftercare far better from such a global company as sony.


if you have any success please let me know, until then i will keep trying all the ways to resolve it myself.


Jez Slightly frowning Face

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Message 5 of 6

Re: crashes and freezes.

try this :-


might work for you?


Re: Hard reset Xperia Z

Connect the phone to a wall charger > press and hold power & volume up for 10 seconds > let your phone charge for 2 or 3 hours > repair it with SUS


Update Service (SUS)



PC Companion (PCC)



Bridge (for Mac)


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Message 6 of 6

Re: crashes and freezes.

We would suggest that you try to perform a repair of the software using PC Companion. If the issue is related to a problem with your software this will be repaired and your handset will work as intended. To do this, you will need to install PC Companion from the Sony Xperia website. Please follow the steps below to do this:

1. Go to www . sonymobile . com

2. Select Support
3. Choose your handset from the drop down list
4. Select "View All Software Updates"
5. Download for PC
6. Check the requirements and then "Download PC Companion"

To then perform a repair on your handsets software, please follow the steps below:

1. Open PC Companion
2. Start 'Support Zone'
3. Select Phone Software Updates 
4. At this point a pop up will appear on screen asking you to connect your handset while powered on, as the software repair needs the handset to be switched off please ignore these connection instructions and click on the blue link which states "Repair Phone”
5. Some on screen steps will now appear for you to follow. Please also connect the handset when you are prompted to do so.
6. When you are asked to connect the handset (still with the phone powered off) please press and hold the key stated on screen for 30 seconds before connecting the handset and keep it held down as you connect
7. The repair process should now begin.

Please ensure your handset is not connected to your PC when performing the above as you will be instructed to connect your handset once you have followed the above steps. Your handset must also remain powered off at all times.

Please note it may be the case that user data is lost during this upgrade. We therefore recommend backing up any data to your SIM card, Memory Stick, or PC before upgrading.

We would recommend that you do not re-download any 3rd party applications and test the handset for 48 hours. If the issues do not re-occur then we would advise testing each app you download for 24 hours to see if this is the cause of the issue. If the faults return after downloading one application then this would indicate that this caused the initial faults and would not recommend keeping this app on your handset.

Please be aware that if an update to a later version of Android has become available for your Sony Ericsson Xperia handset the new version may be installed. If this is the case you may notice some differences in the functionality of your handset when updating. All information regarding these changes can be viewed on the following link. We would recommend reading through this before updating.



We hope this information helps you