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Mobile World Congress 2019

Sonys Press conference from MWC took place this monday
If you missed it you can watch it here.
Please join the discussion here and share your thoughts on what was anounced here. MWC 2019 discussion.

bootloader unlock- Xperia L C2104

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bootloader unlock- Xperia L C2104



while i was checking the service menu for bootloader unlock status on my Xperia L (C2104) and it deisplayed as

Rooting Status:

 bootloader unlocked allowed


It is not displaying any YES or NO as i have seen in other phone so what does it mean???

shall i be able to unlock the bootloader

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Re: bootloader unlock- Xperia L C2104

You will get a clear picture here ...

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Re: bootloader unlock- Xperia L C2104

I checked there but on my phones service menu the bootloader unlock allowed is neither displayed as yes nor no. so what's the meaning of that
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Re: bootloader unlock- Xperia L C2104

I checked there but on my phones service menu the bootloader unlock allowed is neither displayed as yes nor no. so what's the meaning of that
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Re: bootloader unlock- Xperia L C2104

Tutorial for quick unlock/relock bootloader

First things first :- 

1. What is bootloader?
> Bootloader is a piece of code that runs before android loads up. Bootloaders usually contain several ways to boot the OS kernel and also contain commands for debugging and/or modifying the kernel environment.

2. Benefits of unlocking bootloader?
> You can flash custom kernels/ROMs.
> You can ALWAYS root your device. (compelling, eh?)
> You can flash alpha builds of newer firmware ( generally newer android version ) which is under testing and not meant for end consumers.

3. Disadvantages of unlocking bootloader? ( Doesn't matter if you have backed up your TA)
> You may void your warranty.
> You may loose some proprietary vendor software such as Bravia Engine, Download Music info etc. due to removal of DRM security keys.
> OTA updater may refuse to update your device and pop up a 'Device's software modified' message.

4. Can i unlock my bootloader?
> Go to dialer
> Type *#*#7378423#*#*
> Service info > Configuration
> Rooting status :
"Bootloader unlock allowed" - You can unlock your bootloader
"Bootloader unlock not allowed" - You cannot unlock your bootloader

5. What is TA?
> Take it simple, restoring the TA img of your device will revert your device to clean state as it was before unlocking bootloader. Thus, all of the aforementioned demerits will start working again.

6. Can I backup my TA?
> Yes, if you haven't unlocked your bootloader. 



TA Backup using DevShaft's Tool (needs root access) :

1. Visit the thread and download backup tool from here ( Read everything carefully )
2. Run the tool with usb debugging on.
3. Your TA will be backed up. You can find zip in backup folder.
4. Unzip it and check for TA img file which should be roughly around 2048 KB.
5. There you have it. 




Relocking your bootloader :
This is where your backed up TA comes into play :
1, Run the DevShaft tool and choose restore TA.
2. You will need to enter your IMEI.
3. After everything is completed, check again for rooting status.
"Bootloader unlock allowed" - You have relocked your bootloader.



Download the flash tool here

After downloading open it and you'll find BLU at the top of the application

1. Click it 

2. First switch off your phone and wait for 30 seconds.

3. After that press hold the volume down button and connect to the usb while holding it.

4. Illuminated lights on and the flash tool detects the mobile in flash mode.

5. Just continue by following the instructions 

And at last, it is done....


If you have any doubts, ping me at or just give reply to this post.


Press KUDOS if you get the process... All the best... Trophy

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Re: bootloader unlock- Xperia L C2104

I have xperia L C2105 and its show bootloader can be unlocked and I also recive the unlocking code from sony official site but when I go to Flashtool and connect the phone in flash mode(volume down+USB) and click on BLU and after giving device detail it is said " your bootloader cannot be officially unlocked!! Plz help me in this problem(sorry about bad english)