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hi my experia x10 doesnt seem to be charging and it has a red light flashing 3 times quickly then 2 red lights at a longer time interval also my laptop isnt even picking the phione up when its pluged in with usb , is the battery or something else?

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Re: battery

try different micro USB cables, I hope its not the motherboard, try different cables, chargers and if possible a different battery.

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Re: battery

Please verify that the battery is being properly charged. If the battery does not appear to accept a charge, check the following:

1. After attaching the charger, the screen and display light up. After approximately 10 seconds, the light automatically switches off to optimize charging speed. To activate the light, press any key. In charging mode when powered down, some phones continue to display "charging" message after receiving a full charge. To see if a full charged is reached, turn phone on and check the battery icon.

2. Charger is properly attached to phone with no obstructions (lanyards, cases, etc.)

3. If using a wall charger, make sure charger is plugged into power source and verify wall outlet is working.

4. If using a USB cable try inserting the USB cable into a different USB port.
5. Try another USB cable/charger and battery.

If all the above fails the handset will need to be seen by an approved Sony Mobile service location. Please contact Sony Mobile Customer care for additional troubleshooting and repair options.