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Z3 bugs on Android 5.1 (23.4.A.0.546)

Message 61 of 366
Message 61 of 366

Re: Problems with z2 after update android 5.1.1



Reinstall 5.1.1 with PCC


PC Companion (PCC)



Bridge (for Mac)




Alternatives on How to backup Xperias


"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." Kurt Cobain (1967-1994)

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Message 62 of 366

Re: Problems with z2 after update android 5.1.1



Same suggestion as @eMpO

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." Kurt Cobain (1967-1994)

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Message 63 of 366

Re: Problems with z2 after update android 5.1.1

thanks. t'll try and let u know

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Message 64 of 366


Just installed 5.1.1,,,,,, wow TERRIBLE destroying my battery,, overheating, GGGRRRRRR
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Message 65 of 366

Re: Z3 bugs on Android 5.1 (23.4.A.0.546)

The messaging pic problem is solved just need solution for the annoying brightness issue. Anyone??
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Message 66 of 366

Re: Z3 bugs on Android 5.1 (23.4.A.0.546)

"Postdata One time poster
Jul 30

Just upgraded to lollipop 5.1.1, phone was becoming laggy, presenting extremely hot temp and high battery consumption.

I wiped cache partition through [power button] + [volume up button]. Phone performs better, but mobile data goes in and out. Have to enable/disable airplane mode for phone to get service again.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
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Exact same problem!
As this guy

I've done every trouble shoot.
Factory reset, cache, reset, pc companion update>repair all twice.
Nothing has helped with the signal Loss.

It's 100% not the carrier, because I've got full connection on my z1s with this Sim.
One time poster
Message 67 of 366
Message 67 of 366

Bug in 23.4.A.0.546

Just now I have updated my z3 software to 23.4.A.0.546 and I have started facing lots of issues, phone restarting again and again, not able to make calls while dialing number phone gets hanged.

Pl help I am out of city and situation has became worst for me.
Message 68 of 366
Message 68 of 366

Re: Z3 bugs on Android 5.1 (23.4.A.0.546)

Regarding the bluetooth,


After the update using my bluetooth headset (Sony Smart Bluetooth Headset pro) to listen to music is a thing of the pas, once I turn off the phone's screen. I mean, I am able to listen to music but the sound just stutters like crazy, as if the file is corrupt or something. If I keep the screen on, no problem at all. I thought it might be Stamina Mode blocking it somehow but even with SM off, it still happens. It doesn't matter which player I'm using (youtube, google, walkman or deezer), or which track I'm listening to.

I rolled another FW version and updated my phone up to the last update prior to 5.1 and listening via bluetooth was just fine. Updated today once again to 5.1, same issue. I've tried repairing it with Sony Companion but the problem remains the same. Yesterday I updated my Xperia Z3 tablet compact to 5.1 but on the tablet I haven't noticed any problems yet.


I could roll it back again and just not update it to 5.1 but then I face another annoying thing - the notification about the 5.1 update keeps staying on the notifications bar and I cannot remove it nor block it.


Anyone, any ideas how I could fix this? The is really getting on my nerves...

Message 69 of 366
Message 69 of 366

Re: Z3 bugs on Android 5.1 (23.4.A.0.546)

Does Sony even care? what problems we are facing.

this update is full of bugs, never had so much of bugs till now. No matter they released half baked firmware this time trying to give faster updates but failed miserably.

If any of the Sony related person is reading all our issues please take it to the concerned department and please fix the issues all customers are facing.

Message 70 of 366
Message 70 of 366

Z3 5.1.1 problems SONY XPERIA ATTN stop deleting my topic

So obviously there are some major problems with this update. Many users are experiencing the same problems, and the usual reboot, clear cache, factory reset, update,repair do not fix.

Ive experienced probably the most frustrating in my opinion.
The phone functions for 3 minutes to a few hours, mostly minutes. Then it looses connection to Internet and mms.
And when it does this it makes a notification every time It gains/looses a new signal. During the night this is extremely frustrating! Not to mention when your trying to use it dropping calls and always off line. I just give up and play the stupid "offline Google browser game."

This has caused me to retire the z3 phone for now.

I've also talked to my provider they offered to replace the phone even tho I purchased it from the Sony store.

Then I also spoke to Sony support went thrue a day of loops until they decided that the phone should be sent in for "repairs"... So I have an rma number and etc.

I would rather not return a phone that they should be able to fix by and update, there are many other things that nee do be fixed.

There is a
-volume issue
-Back light issue
-Notification for signal options-this must be fixed
-Loss of carrier service- mind you again I put my sim in the z1s full bars no problems. Z3 does not work, I can't play 2 holes in golf stars before my phones lost.
I have video screen shots of this.

These are functions that the phone was purchased for if they don't work then, what did I get, a light block???

I returned an iPhone 6+ to go back to my z3 don't make me look stupid! Because right now Ive got to use a old z1 and it's outperforming the z3 by 900%.

Please respond SONY