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Z1 Compact - Is SONY Warranty a huge scam ?

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Z1 Compact - Is SONY Warranty a huge scam ?



I'm wondering if SONY is indeed applying the warranty service they are offering, or just expect to us to pay as much as they can get from us.
Here are the facts :

I've sent my phone Sony XPeria Z1 Compact to SONY service because : my battery was empty in about 15 minutes the start/stop button was not working properly. My phone was within the two years warranty but Sony is sending an invoice for €76.94 explaining that my issues were not managed through the warranty. Then, I call Sony's support who's explaining me that the phone will not be managed through the warranty because the IMEI tag was missing, I explain them that I do not understand as the tag was there when I've sent the phone, then they ask me the wait online a little bit, and, 2 minutes later, they are telling me that a part of the phone is missing. this specific piece is the washer on the start/stop button, which is a superficial part and that unglued itself because of the wear of the time. After telling that to them, I asked how I could reject the invoice in order to have my phone managed for free under the warranty contract. They tell me that I should send a letter to Sony's French Customer Service (Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications - 49 quai De Dion Bouton, 92800 PUTEAUX). The thing is that it's SONY who's answering me whereas the phone is at their contractor SBE Online, who's trying to get all the money they can and not respect the contracts. They tend to find any excuse to make me pay which is unacceptable.
I've send a letter to SONY's Customer Service saying that I could not understand why the warranty could not manage the poor quality of their materia and their phone's defects, I've called this service several times, sent a few mails,and they are always saying that I should wait the answer from the Customer Service, and they are only answering that I should wait.


I've been waiting why to long, they are having a laugh and they really do not care about their customers.

07/12/2015 After Sales Service request (1-22851768797)
07/12/2015 After Sales Service request confirmed
10/12/2015 Sending the phone to Sony
11/12/2015 Sony received the phone
14/12/2015 Sony is offering me a €76,94 invoice
14/12/2015 Calling Sony to have some more explanation about the invoice
17/12/2015 Letter sent the Customer Service
24/12/2015 Calling Sony to have some more information about my letter 
07/01/2016 Calling Sony to have some more information about my letter 
08/01/2016 Email to
01/02/2016 Calling Sony to have some more information about my letter


I have been waiting for more than 2 months, I want my phone to be repaired for free (They should respect their warranty contract), and they don't want to answer me.


This is ridiculous.

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Re: Z1 Compact - Is SONY Warranty a huge scam ?



I'm sorry to hear that, since this is a user based forum, stay in contact with your Local support regarding this. 

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." Kurt Cobain (1967-1994)

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Re: Z1 Compact - Is SONY Warranty a huge scam ?

This is where the IMEI label supposed to be:

It cannot be wear and tear.
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Re: Z1 Compact - Is SONY Warranty a huge scam ?

It was how it is supposed to be when I've sent it. Not wear nor tear