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Your thoughts on the ICS update

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Re: Your thoughts on the ICS update

most HD games doesn't work on ICS sad

i think 4.0.4 is better than 4.0.3 but it's still slower than GB

internet surfing is great and fast , 4 more beautiful than 2.3

we don't have the NFC technology .

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Re: Your thoughts on the ICS update

4.0.4 bugs:

-No LED notification

-UI is bit slow

-sometimes games freezes

-music player and gallery not updating list when new music or photos added to SD card

The good:

-better UI

-better memory management

-better browser

-better gallery

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Re: Your thoughts on the ICS update

I'm done with ICS. It messed up my phone. Too many flaws. My Xperia Ray which was completely new, pretty much ruined 2 days after I bought it because I updated to ICS. I'm going back to the store where I bought it and have it replaced with Android version 2.3.

Only positive with ICS was that the UI looked nice and the browser was better, but this is not enough to balance out the flaws.

The rest is just flaws on flaws on flaws. Phone freezing, overheating, generally slower, apps lagg too much. Not worth it. I'm scared that my phone will die because of these problems. It's taking too much damage.

Please give us the option to downgrade. I mean, if you can upgrade, you can surely downgrade a phone right? So get it done please. I love my Xperia Ray. I don't want it to get hurt. silly

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Re: Your thoughts on the ICS update

Xperia Mini Pro


Is it just me, or the app drawer, when you press "rearrange icons" and while you're in the "icon floating" mode, the graphic looks unfinished?

-notification bar is too small, when I use battery notification on the bar, it's hard to read. It was significantly readable on GB.

-Whatsapp notification icon was green on GB, now it's grey, a bit dull.

-Accelerometer is significantly slower.


-I like the arrangement on the settings menu.

Personally I would prefer GB interface but since every likes ICS interface more..

ICS looks flat to me. everything is flat, no depth. I never like the original ICS interface in the Google Nexus S from the first place.

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Re: Your thoughts on the ICS update


I am using Xperia Arc. I have done the ICS update recently and I am totally disappointed with this update. The thing is some features already there in the 2.3.4 version of android is not there in ICS update.

  1. When long press the power button ‘take screenshot’ option was there in the 2.3.4 but in ICS that option is not there.
  2. I have seen the beautiful lock screen in ICS forums but it is missing in the ICS update
  3. Music player is still same like 2.3.4 android version. I was expecting the custom equalizer as like Arc S . but it is not there in Arc ICS update
  4. Google says recently opened apps will be displayed in the home screen in ICS. But its missing in the my ICS update.
  5. Google says live and transformation effects are there in ICS but I am not able to see those things in my Xperia Arc after ICS update.

Kindly let me know is there any solutions for the above issues..



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Re: Your thoughts on the ICS update

i like the ics update

my mobile is xperia mini quality is good compare to gb

2.volume is increased lilbit is good

4.browser is faster lags in video and camera

6.more internal storage

7.ui is nice

bug is problem with wi-fi its not fast as in gb its slow in ics

its great and cool thanks sony team for the best update

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Registered: ‎2012-06-21

Re: Your thoughts on the ICS update

Quite a few conflicting experiences, but also some common ones.

Phone: Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc


  • wifi connects very quickly
  • can remove or disable most apps (including bloatware)
  • browser supports newer HTML5 features
  • resize widgets
  • I haven't had any problems with speed or battery life


  • LED doesn't work for notifications. Very annoying.
  • Browser randomly crashes (Dolphin Browser also crashes)
  • Phone restarts itself quite regularly
  • Had to repair the phone after update due to signal dropping and sim not being recognised
  • You have to choose between the lock pattern or slider. Before I had both enabled.
  • Words Free no longer works. Seems to only effect Arc users.

The cons are greatly out weighing the pros for me. The LED is probably the most annoying as it effects the way I use the phone for work.

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Re: Your thoughts on the ICS update

I loved my experia arc till the time i upgrades to ICS......battry drains out too quickly, phone gets heated up, has becomde dead slow, apps take time to open n switch......i was excited for the ICS since past 5 months but highly disappointed...wanna go back to the prevous version.....too many flaws to accept it... sad

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Re: Your thoughts on the ICS update

Well, im using Xperia Mini pro (SK17i) n i updated it about 2 weeks ago....

my SI no was not in the list den too i got update....

well ICS is awesum, but as every coin has two sides, some cons too....


game lags..... (even aftr repairing)

slower processing....

games freezes.....


awesum graphics.....

UI made easier....

keypad also is new n good....

i hav 2 complaints

1) my physical keyboard is not working if i select Xperia keyboard--> hinglish....plz do somthing...

2) after ICS update, i dont have the like button which used to be in music player (missing that button)....

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Re: Your thoughts on the ICS update


Timescape UI very laggy homescreen transition, 4.0.3 is better, GB best.

(when using nova launcher etc. homescreen transition is very smooth) please fix the

timescape UI. its nice but very laggy.

no LED notification


New UI

Swipe to close (not really close the program, it just removes the program from the recent apps)

Face unlock

Less Stuttering on HD playback