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Your thoughts on the ICS update

Message 141 of 262
Message 141 of 262

Re: Your thoughts on the ICS update

I'm using Xperia mini pro

Everything goes well, I don't really mind with the features from the Facebook app etc because I rarely use them though. But I found out that there are some applications that opened in background and using some big RAM (I know it from Easy Task Killer App).

And I wish that Sony would release the update for the music player smile happy

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Message 142 of 262

Re: Your thoughts on the ICS update

Already many have stated the Pros and Cons in detail about the ICS update.

My major Cons is that the lag and unwanted apps using the RAM - it really irritates to the core.

major Pros - Love the new UI and Multitasking (closing the background apps)

In total, I wouldnt say its a bad update but a good step forward. We Xperia 2011 users are happy to have gotten the latest Android OS as update, thanks for showing a good gesture.

But Johan I would like to hear for you/Sony Team about the comments for these Feedbacks.

Have the team working on fixing these bugs ?

Hope this thread doesnt drain down without being noted. There are a lot of useful information from this thread for the Sony developer team. If SONY wants to standout in the smartphones arena - the ideas are from this thread.



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Message 143 of 262

Re: Your thoughts on the ICS update

I've Installed ICS on my Xperia Arc LT15a using Update Service.

I have two points of view, one with just updating the phone and another with installation from scratch so, before posting pros and cons I must say in general terms that the update from 2.3.4 to 4.0.4 was very unstable. The phone locked evetytime and the apps got frozen a lot. Even it locked just entering text type mode so I had to make a complete installation wiping all my data and reinstall all of my apps again.

Now, with the OS installed from scratch, I have encountered so far the following pros and cons:

Pros: Overall usage has proven nice to me.

+Much better OS interface

+Quick responses in incoming calls is very useful

+Dismiss individual notifications is very useful

+Apps optimized for ICS are very responsive and fast

+Memory management seems great so far

+New calendar wigget is cool

+Finally smart dialing in phone app!!

+Notifications are visually more appealing and easy to access

+New animated wallpapers

+Now I can see contact name in my BT headsed (using sony MW600)

+Orientation change animation is smooth

+apps startup improved

+A little bit less of bloatware

+New energy save app

+New options in camera app

+link contacts option

+Faster startup

+Faster SD Card Reading

+Got some extra internal space after installation

Cons: There are few cons, but unfortunately too dissapointing to me

-Native gallery app freezes my phone. I need to restart the phone and use Xperia galery instead.

-Favorites/Call log widget is gone.

-I can't untie Ringer volume and notifications volume. In 2.3.4 I had them untied so I could hear only the phone for an incoming call but not the notification sound if it was late at night using soundmanager app to schedule volume change only for notifications. Now If I reduce notification volume, ringer volume is lowered as well. This one is very frustrating to me.

-Still no support for AVRCP 1.3. Although now I can see caller's name in my Sony MW600 BT headset, song name is not shown. It was the main reason I bought MW600 and ironically when I tested with another brand player (the one with the fruit), it showed song name, caller name, etc..

-Voice actions still don't work in Spanish. Since 2.3.x, voice commands only "listened" in english despite I changed the settings to Spanish (I tried all the spanish variations) so I had to buy a third party app to do the same (Cyberon Voice Commander). ICS remains the same, It only understand English.

-At the beginning it was very annoying to get used to the exchange of place between the OK and cancel buttons in the OS, the same for the OK button at the unlock screen when using PIN unlock.

Update 1:

-In the last days I've been having random restarts with no apparent reason. This has caused problems to me because I had activated SIM Unlock with PIN so, when the phone restarted every time I was left without communication because it won't connect to cell network until the SIM's PIN is entered, so only when I checked the phone I discovered that it restared and a lot of missed calls and SMS from my worried wife and coworkers was there. Because of this, I had to disable SIM card's PIN security and leave only Phone PIN enabled so if the phone restarts itself I won't be incommunicated. Is very frustrating because I love the new features so I don't want to go back to Gingerbread also because is very annoying to me if I have to redownload all my apps again and move them to the SD card and do all the config stuff. It would be great if you work on a fix to this issue. Sometimes the phone restarts while idle, sometimes when I'm on a phone call or executing any app.

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Message 144 of 262
Message 144 of 262

Re: Your thoughts on the ICS update

Xperia Arc s andorid 4.0.4


new logo

new ui

new auto message in anwser call

new animation

picture edit

new themes

more beautiful


lag sometime

self restart

slow on dialer.

game lag.


lag problem.


can the picture of themes be like live wallpaper can move???

can navigate flick left or right no stop??

One time poster
Message 145 of 262
Message 145 of 262

Re: Your thoughts on the ICS update

Live With Walkman

1. Disable System Apps
2. Widgets Preview

3. Face Unlock

4. Smooth transition effects

5. More app storage space available

6. Better Gmail app


1. Can not resize widgets

2. Same stock Walkman Player(give a customiseable equalizer)

3. Video capturing is laggy

4. Same old battery icon(green , need blue)

5. Apps like LED Disco and LED Tester not working(cannot check LED colours)

6. Earlier Service Test(LED/Illumination showed different colours now only showing RGB)

7. When I play Riptide GP phone restarts itself

Will edit if I find something new.

One time poster
Message 146 of 262
Message 146 of 262

Re: Your thoughts on the ICS update

Xperia Mini    

First of all i want to thank Sony for supporting  us with these upgrades

I upgraded mini to 4.0.4 and everything is just fine. At the begining there was some lags, but after a few restarts its just speeded up(i think the key to lagness is to use only those widgets which you realy use) The UI is very smooth(smoother than GB). I tried games, some not workig, but i think its not ics's fault and I not playing too much. The browser is very fast, and there are some great improvements. Maybe there ar minor bugs(like notification led) but I think these will be fixed. Im not a big phone guru, but im very satisfied with ics, for me, there are only Pros

Message 147 of 262
Message 147 of 262

Re: Your thoughts on the ICS update

I posted a review a few months ago with my impressions about the ICS update for the Arc S and it wasn't pretty. Well, today I updated my xperia mini pro, and I have to say that I don't know if it is because of the lower resolution or what, but ICS is much better on my Mini pro than it is on my Arc S. In the MINI pro everything is smooth, and even though the dial pad is still taking a lot to appear and the gps icon on the status bar is still a no show, the rest of the features work great. From the face unlock feature, to the new revamped Gmail and Gtalk apps. Screen rotation is quicker than Gingerbread which is cool, and the camera works as it did in Gingerbread. Finally I have to say that the overall volume of everything has increased significantly, and for all that Thank you Sony!

Message 148 of 262
Message 148 of 262

Re: Your thoughts on the ICS update

I updated the phone "neo v" to version 4.0.4 a week ago.
Overall, the phone slows down sometimes ("lag a little").
Yesterday 2 times the screen hung for about 10 -15 seconds. It was strange.
For the first time when moving desktops.
The second time when using the phone application.

Recording HD is
defective. Because the video lag During and after recording but its strange Because my first video after update to 4.0.4 in HD quality and was perfect ... no problem with video and sound ... but any video recorded next is defective.

LED notifications not working properly.

Should Sony official support downgrading to 2.3.4, which was stable.

Even at the very beginning I had problems with games angry birds. The screen wasn't respond to touch ... after starting and ending games several times finally everything works good. However, this could be a problem with this game.

EDIT>>> next problems are:

-sometimes home launcher not response for touch and app crash...

-sometimes when i power on phone than home launcher hang for few secounds and restarts

-sometimes when i power on phone than after copule of minutes the homescreen dont have load all widgets what i put to desktops and the widgets dont work properly for examle i cant play music from music widgets only whats help is turn off phone and power on again and than if all my widgets load finally work all again.

Message 149 of 262
Message 149 of 262

Re: Your thoughts on the ICS update

4.0.4 bugs that i experience

1. LED notification

2. No lockscreen notifications

3. i dont know if its me but my video player restarts the video after i unlock my phone

4. no lock screen sounds

5. no haptic feedback except for keyboard

6. contacts still very slow

7. camera UI very slow

8. home launcher still crashes after a few minutes of games or web browsing even when closed all apps

9. too many bloatware. the internal memory is like 60% used before installing apps

the pros:

1. Finally the home launcher is smooth again, i think its better than GB

2. multitasking quite smooth which is quite good for only 512MB of RAM

3. Browser very fast

4. image quality improvement

thats all i have. In 4.0.4 for 2weeks already but i think it is so much better than 4.0.3 but there is still room for improvement.

Message 150 of 262
Message 150 of 262

Re: Your thoughts on the ICS update

Xperia Arc 4.0.4 1247-1071

5 Day back to GB

Very Good for Me :

- Proxy Setting

- Disable App

- Multi tasking

- Can use chrome

- etc.

Bad :

- Camera Can't  Slide to Setting, i Link UI in GB.

- lose Option Power Button for Screen capture.


- Bluetooth™ profiles Audio/Video Remote Control Profile v.1.0

Please update to 1.3 or 1.4

- Not Support USB on th GO for Flash Drive, why xperia 2012 Run GB can Support ?

Waiting for Update Again. smile happy