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Yellow-green tint on Display and Camera photos

One time poster
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎2012-09-30

Yellow-green tint on Display and Camera photos

From the first photos I took with my phone, there seem to be an obvious problem. Colors appeared too yellow with an extremely warm ton. Somehow like over-saturated or with too high levels of exposure. This was getting even worse with Brightness set to full or very high, or even on Auto brightness!! Depending on the brightness, the yellow tented to some kind of green and orange colors became blushy red..!!

Let me mention that the issue appears mainly on low light conditions and with flash activated.

The good thing is, when I decreased the exposure levels on the camera settings, the result was quite positive! The photos had a normal tone, though a little bit darker. In addition, when I set the camera to "Party" mode there was also quite an improvement!! although with a bit of a blue tone...

HOWEVER, confused I suspect it might have something to do with the display... because on High-brightness display, even on the icons of the home screen, yellow colors have a significant tint to green!!! Which is very frustrating! 'cause it means we cannot use our phone display at full brightness with such distorted colors!

I know there have been more complaints, from other users, about this problem but unfortunately SONY seems to just ignore the issue.

I really hope Sony would show more support to their customers and find a solution. An update or something...

Please SONY, do not disappoint us.

Posts: 26
Registered: ‎2012-09-13

Re: Yellow-green tint on Display and Camera photos

Hi thr, compare your phone with some1 else and check if the issue is happng all the time or only in camera mode. Try updateing the phone if its not upto date. Still a problem then go the servcie center and get it corrected ASAP.

One time poster
Posts: 174
Registered: ‎2012-04-20

Re: Yellow-green tint on Display and Camera photos

This is a problem with P, you can do nothing about it. Whitemagic tech with extra white pixels causes this.

Warm tone is 50% reduced in ICS update .

Thats why i recommend everryone for Galaxy series. smile happy

You can check past months post, users have got tired fretting over this silly