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Xperia ZL mobile data constantly needs reset of Internet Settings

One time poster
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Xperia ZL mobile data constantly needs reset of Internet Settings

I have owned an unlocked Xperia ZL C6506 for almost two years now and up until recently have had no issues. The problem I encounted for the past half a year is in the mobile data .


Usually when you go from no data to wi-fi or cellular usage, there is no need to refresh or reset the Internet Settings under the Settings --> Wireless & Networks --> More... --> option. Doing this just basically help configure the phone when you have changed service providers or traveling to another country, etc. Right now I find myself doing it EVERY SINGLE TIME there is a need to jump on my mobile data network.


So I go through the motions to Accept the quick setup, select my provider, and minutes in I get a confirmation that the settings are downloaded to my phone, and mobile is up again. The problem is when the data switches off (either due to sleep mode, switching to wi-f-/airplane modes, or any other hangup that causes interruption in the data working constantly. Once that happens, I have to repeat the whole process over again and this gets repetitive and tiresome very very quickly. The weird part it that during the whole time, the top still shows I have a connection to mobile, whether it's H+, LTE or whatever... just the actual network itself becomes unresponsive and such.


In addition my phone restarts at weird moments of idle activity, and when it starts back up, I have to do the same stuff on top, but as an extra 'bonus' the phone's memory does not seem to recognize that I have been using it for the longest time, and prompts me to select a default app or program for certain functions such as checking PDF (asks what program to use), opening up a youtube link (asks me if I want to go to an external app or use the YouTube app, or through a browser), and anything else you can come up with.


I have tried to research online but to no avail as no one else seems to have the same issues I do... there was a very closely related forum article somewhere that mentions that there is possibly a problem with the internal radio antenna which interfere's with the phone's ability to hold/remember certain commands. I seriously seek help from the community on this as to where I can get a fix or at least isolate the source of the problem. Do I have to bring to a store, ship for diagnosis, or just go the new phone route and eliminate the hassles?


Thanks alot! All pertinent comments greatly appreciated....


~ K

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Re: Xperia ZL mobile data constantly needs reset of Internet Settings

Try repairing the phone with Sony PC Companion.
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Re: Xperia ZL mobile data constantly needs reset of Internet Settings

The connection issue could be a

1 old micro sim card or faulty
2 poor network coverage
3 incorrect apn settings
4 an intrusive app

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