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Xperia Z5 - Front camera in low light

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Message 1 of 3

Xperia Z5 - Front camera in low light

It's not good. Under low light it just can't perform well. 

I was earlier using Oneplus one which I believe has the best front facing camera or atleast the software for front cam is really good. In low lights it use to shine like anything, my friends note3 use to fail in front of it.


Now, the other day I was out with a friend and she has oneplus two and in the similar light the difference in brightness of images taken by both our phones were massive.

Xperia Z5 takes picture and applies some algo to make it clear, but the images are usually dark. Oneplus two in general was taking brighter pics, much bright! Same as my earlier Oneplus one.

I saw the details of both images from Z5 and OP2:

1. aperature same on both 2.4

2. ISO Z5 3200,  OP2 1880

3. Shutter speed Z5 1/16th, OP2 - 1/10


Pls do something about the front cam. I just wanted to get this point out there.

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Re: Xperia Z5 - Front camera in low light



This is a user based forum, but, don't forget to contact Sony directly as well Local support


it will help if you could get sample pictures with both devices.

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." Kurt Cobain (1967-1994)

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Re: Xperia Z5 - Front camera in low light

Front camera in low light it's no good at all