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Xperia Z5 Dual E6633 : 1 Month Experience

Message 3 of 4
Message 3 of 4

Xperia Z5 Dual E6633 : 1 Month Experience

     Hello Guys!
     I'm really having a dissatisfying experience with my Xperia Z5 Dual E6633. I've seen a few problems when using it for the first week and someone explain it to me(see below). Now that I've used it for one month, I've encounter much more problems and I'm regretting that I buy The Sony Xperia Z5.I should have opt for Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ which has many features,fast processor,light and etc. or LG G4 which has great manual controls,large aperture,RAW. So please someone help me what I'm gonna do.I really feel my Z5 is not competitive and not future-proof especially next month there's Xperia Z6.I'm running Android 5.1.1 Build num. 32.0.A.6.152.


     Here is the reason:
                   -Camera lens can be scratched easily.I have two small unoticable scratches.
                   -Power button gets softer and wobble as I use it. Even the volume buttons and the camera button.A weird question but                     I'm just making sure.How about yours? Did your buttons get wobble?
                   -Meticulously, Is it me or just the Z5 is slightly bent to the power button?
                   -Still, the build quality is nice.

                   -Headphone Jack can move around.I'm not confident about the waterproofing.
                   -Contrast are not like Iphone and Galaxy. Any way to turn on the Contrast filter?
                   -Blacks have blueish tint is it normal?
                   -I said before that viewing angles are average but actually it's great on the side but not at corner.But I understand that I                     don't look at the corners at all times haha.
                   -Brightness is great but I have the Screen Protector PRT16 which they say it's matte and it compromise brightness.

                   -In direct sunlight, there are visible blue dots.What is this?
     User Interface:
                   -This is what I love from my Sony Xperia Z5 Dual, it's close to stock.Unlike other brands they really change mostly of                          the design.The only thing is lack of signature.
     System Performance:
                   -Mostly, it's lag free but I sometimes experience an unresponsive situation where all screen and buttons are                                     unresponsive.Any fix to this situation?
                   -As I said, Xperia Z5 has good prefromance BUT when the temperature of the phone reaches 46 C it starts to be slow                     and experiencing lags. Overheating is very irritating and I hope the patch will be given fast. When listening for few                             minutes to Music app the temperature rises from 32.6 C to somewhere in 37 C.Games rise to 44 C and high graphics                     games rise to 47 C at max.
                   -Ram is 1.92 GB when standby, Sony should have upgrade the Ram to 4 GB. I heard there's a memory leak in                                 Android Lolipop.Is this the reason? I understand too that there's a system that consumes but I think that's too much.


                   -Autofocus is fast but not faster than the blink of my eye. Autofocus is slow at night.

                   -Average Dynamic range compared to Iphone 6/s. Skies are overexposed unlike Iphone has better dynamic range.

                   -Where is RAW option?

                   -Colour reproduction and White balance are VERY INACURATE. White Balance tend to be on blueish side and colour                      reproduction is unsaturated than in real life.My old 2008 Cybershot DSC-W170 does BETTER than my Xperia.

                   -Sharp but when looking close, the details are blurry and it's like a watercolor painting.

                   -Skin tones look unpleasant. Maybe because lack of brown color?

                   -Corners are blurry and has blue, purple and red tint in low light. Photo is stretched only in near the corners.

                   -I really wish Sony has upgrade the aperture and Sony should know there's a problem in the sensor.

                   -Video Stabilization(Intelligent active) is very impressive


                   -Sound from the headphones is good.

                   -Top speaker has more bass,volume and clarity than the bottom one.It is uneven.

                   -Speaker cannot be heard in a public.

                   -Speakers(especially the bottom) has distortion and muffled quality.


                   -Battery with NORMAL USAGE last for 6.5 hours long. Listening to music lose 1% every 4 minutes and high graphic                          games lose much more ESPECIALLY when overheating.

                   -When temperature rises especially above 41 C, battery drain more faster.

                   -I've used "Repair Battery Life" and "Advanced Battery". Will these work?

                   -Display has the most consumed in battery. Is it because of adaptive brightness?

     So that's it. I'm sorry for the long post. I will be glad for great help. Thanks!

Message 1 of 4
Message 1 of 4

Xperia Z5 Dual Problems and Unsatisfied

  Hello Everyone!

  I have a phone Xperia Z5 Dual(E6633) Green which I started to use 3 days ago.The Xperia Z5 Dual bought from Sony Center of Middle East(Al Khobar) migrate to Philippines because my father bought it to make it as a gift for me.Let me introduce myself first,I am a Sony Xperia fan since I catch a glimpse of the good looking Xperia Z2.Xperia Z2 was my dream phone because I cannot afford any high end phones yet buying and using the Xperia Z5 was one of my best day ever.It's my first android phone.So i'm a newbie Grinning Face

  As I use it,there are MANY problems I've encountered and it was a disappointment and unsatifying.I will dictate the detailed problems I've encountered and I hope Sony Engineers will see this and fix this especially on Android 6.0 Marshmallow.Please everyone help me.
         Xperia Z5 Dual E6633
                       -Android 5.1.1 Build Num.  32.0.A.6.152


                      -Fingerprint/Power button is not perfectly straight,it's a little diagonal.i don't know if this affects the performance.

                      -Build qualiy is not only satisfying but impressive.It's better looking personally than in photos and feels premium.No                            problems in this area.

                      -PhoneArena said Xperia Z5 colors are way off and cold but personally it is pleasing.
                      -X-Reality sometimes unpleasant in low quality photos.

                      -Viewing Angles are average unlike my old phone(Nokia C6-01) has better viewing angles and it's AMOLED but has                           unnatural colours.

                      -Brightness is impressive.

        User Interface:

                      -The interface is great,it's close to stock android.No Problems.

        System Preformance:

                      -The performance is mostly snappy and lag-free
                      -Ram when THERE"S NO APPS OPEN says "1.35/2.73 GB" What's This????? A Bug???
                      -Xperia Z5 Dual heats ALL THE TIME! even when just playing music,I feel a little hot between the SONY logo on the                          back and the camera.I think it's on the NFC logo.Playing games and Prolong camera does make the Xperia Z5                                Dual uncomfortably very hot.This problem is very irritating.


                      -Fast Autofocus seems working for me but slow at night.

                      -Colours are seem to be off and washed out.Red turns pink,dark blue turns to light blue and white rarely bluish.Other                        colours seem unvibrant than real life and vice versa.

                      -Sky are very bright.

                      -HDR sometimes not working or inconsistent

                      -Great detail but sometimes look life a watercolor painting

                      -Blurry corners

                      -What impress me is the Video Stablization.


                      -Surprisingly impressed on sound so no problems here.


                      -This is one of the dissapointing section of the phone.Sony says a 2 day battery life but in reality it has only 6.5 hours                         of battery life.Xperia Z5 overnight when from 100% to 92%.
     That's my experience with the Z5.Please everyone help me with this I'm still a Newbie.Thanks!


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Message 2 of 4

Re: Xperia Z5 Dual Problems and Unsatisfied


Thanks for your feedback, it's always a good idea to forward such feedback to your Local support also. I use a Z5 and I'll tell you my experience in the points you've said:


- Fingerprint sensor is perfectly straight, but it still might detect your finger correctly even if you placed it in a diagonal way (which is a good thing), when registering new fingerprints move your finger slightly on each reading so it takes a snap from different angles.


- Colors being cold is a personal preference, that's why you have White Balance option in Settings -> Display, viewing angle is technical benchmarking parameter that I personally consider it of no use, you look at your phone straight all of the time.


- Memory: Don't forget that you have the android system, user interface, wifi and cellular maintaining apps, and a lot more working in the background, these use memory. 3GB of RAM will always read in a bit lower value (I dunno the exact reason, but it's even the same on PC's)


- Overheating is an issue indeed, but it only happens in Camera and graphics, hopefully it will be patched in future updates.


- Camera: it will receive continuous patching in the future, this happened with all my previous Sony phones.


- Battery: it's 2-day battery life on recommended moderate usage, in your first days you'll test a lot and will download apps and generally will have more Screen-on time than average. When it gets settled I easily achieve 24 hours with 20% left (I'm a heavy user but not a gamer on phone).




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Message 4 of 4

Xperia Z5 out of sudden awake throughout the night

As the attached image shown dated Singapore 24-25/Mar/2016, Xperia Z5 build 32.0.A.6.152 out of sudden started to stay awake itself after a phone restart and drained all battery throughout the night while I am sleeping and caused the alarm did not function at all and missed my wake up time. As you can see from the image, the screen is off throughout the night.