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Xperia Z 64GB microsd

Message 11 of 13
Message 11 of 13

Re: Xperia Z 64GB microsd

The most common fault with "fake" memory cards is that they may not have the capcity or the speeds which was advertised...

Speed is difficult to verify for the everyday user, but storage capcity is quite easy to identify - if it has less than what you are supposed to be getting, then it's a fake.

In a small number of cases - such as with regards to Sony's proprietry memory cards (Memory Stick/Pro/Duo/Pro Duo/etc...) - the applicable security/copyright protection standards are not met (this happened to me when I bought a Memory Stick Pro Duo off eBay) and they may not work with all devices or content - not many memory cards have this problem however, in fact the only example I can think of is Sony's "Memory Stick" range and the memory cards still work, they just won't work with anything considered "secure" content (purchased music, games, purchased videos, etc...).

  • I can't help you if you don't tell me what mobile device you're using & what version of Android it is running, in English (you can use Google Translate -
  • The more information you can give me, the easier I can help you!
  •  Please kudo this post if you think it has been helpful; or mark it as the "solution" if it fixed your problem, so that other users facing the same issue can find the solution!
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Message 12 of 13

Re: Xperia Z 64GB microsd

May or may not be related\responsible for the fault, but I had a scandisk 32Gb memory card in my new xperia m4 aqua & it worked perfectly. I then upgraded to a scandisk 64Gb memory card & now the phone power cycles up to 30 times a day. Both memory cards are FAT32 Formatted (by PC).
Sorry if this muddies the water further but thought it might be relevant.
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Message 13 of 13

Re: Xperia Z 64GB microsd

(Cross-posted from another thread as it's relevant here too)


For the record, I appeared to have the same problem - Sony   Xperia ZZ3 Compact, 64GB SD card, and it wouldn't show all the files in Windows Explorer (but would if I looked at the SD card using a separate reader), and the phone got hot and ran the battery flat very quickly.


I tried formatting it as FAT32 but it made no difference.  I cleared the stored data and cache with the Data Manager which temporarily stopped it overheating but wouldn't show any files!  So I bought a 32GB SD card... same problem!


In the end I FINALLY tracked it down to a file on there that the Media Storage task was having problems with.  Basically it didn't like a .m4a file; it seems this file confused it when it tried to see what file type it was (in this case AAC encoded music file) and got stuck on this file forever.


So... if you want to fix the problem, I recommend copying your files to the SD card using your phone and a USB cable (not an SD card reader) as it will pick up any incompatible files and check you want to copy them over.  If you do choose to then you might have problems.  Maybe if you remove any .m4a files on there it will start working.


Anyhow I now happily have my Xperia Z3 Compact running with a (genuine) SanDisk 64GB SD card and no more overheating!


Hope this helps Slightly smiling Face