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Xperia X10i restarts / reboots spontaneous after latest software update

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Xperia X10i restarts / reboots spontaneous after latest software update


Unfortunately, the last update of the Xperia X10 causes the phone to make frequent, spontaneous reboots of the system. Many customers are affected, according to different discussion forums on the web.

The number of customers affected by the same problems all over the world / global is impossible to estimate but it's probably tens of thousands.

After the latest Xperia X10 update to Gingerbread, the phone began to make 2-3 restarts a day. It never did before. The time also changes forward one til two minutes each time. Yesterday the clock had moved forward a full ten minutes in time after every reboot.

I contacted Sony Ericsson support. Their answer is that they, and I quote:

"... have not had any customer who experienced this problem. We recommend that you leave your phone in for repair. The spontaneous reboot are generally no problem."

-Oh boy, I replied. One can for example no longer rely on the phone's wake-up alarm. Important applications turned down. Missed calls. Can make the list longer if you want me to. I have anti virus program installed and only recognized apps from trusted publishers on Android Market.

There is nothing wrong - whatsoever - with the SD or SIM-card. The battery will not overheat any single time. It is clearly some sort of a bug.

I have also already reinstalled the whole phone twice using SE PC Companion as recommended by SE Support. The problem remains - and no wonder - the error began after the latest update from Sony Ericsson. Support team: "We recommend that you send the phone for repair. The reboots shall not be a problem.", end quote.

I'm a bit chocked by this nonchalance from Sony Ericsson regarding customers problems with Sony Ericsson products. Sending it in for repair won't fix the software-compability, according to (already) hundreds of customers and discussion treads. The frequent restarts are a problem, at least to the customers. To me and thousands of other loyal customers according to forums on the web.

Facts: Google yourself and take a look with your own eyes at all the results that comes up regarding spontaneous or sudden reboots and restarts of the phone. The complaints seems to increase week by week globally after the last software update. It's obviously a bug or compability issue (Xperia software, hardware)  in relation to Android Gingerbread that Sony Ericsson modified and then released. It was just a year since I bought my Xperia X10i. I paid 4800 Swedish kronor. It's a lot of money, just for a phone. A phone I also recommended to others

With this post I hope that you adopt a non-defensive attitude, and primarely ACT (over at Sony Ericsson) to solve this urgent problem.

I also invite you to post an answer here for everyone else who took part in this conversation.

Kind regards,


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Re: Xperia X10i restarts / reboots spontaneous after latest software update

From what i understand the reason this has become more wide spread since the 2.3 update is that the processor is clocked at its highest speed 1ghz more often than was with android 2.1. And phones that had heat problems in the first place getting warm will get warmer as the processor stays at its higher clocked speed longer. I noticed since the latest update my heat goes up to 38/39 degrees when doing a lot of things, sometimes even up to 41. What i find strange is the orginal samsung galaxy s can get as hot as 42/43 degrees and not reset.

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Re: Xperia X10i restarts / reboots spontaneous after latest software update

I have bought X10i last year in sept 2010 in india.

From last 3 months my phone restarts during video recording , during charging..........

i thought 2.3.3 update will fix this but nothing happend.

I repair many time , repair SD card.....remove sim card.........

I have done everything to stop this restart...........but nothing happend.

Finally i go to service center at GURGAON..................they have done all they can do............

but still problem remain the same............

Finaly they agree..........X10i ..........motherboard is faulty...

Now i am waiting for new mother board......

SE..........please do something for such problem..........i have spend Rs 28000.

Hard earn money.........

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Re: Xperia X10i restarts / reboots spontaneous after latest software update

SE...............please reply..............

Sony Xperia Support
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Re: Xperia X10i restarts / reboots spontaneous after latest software update

I'm sorry to hear about this. It's always hard to pin point a reboot or on/off problem.

What you can do by yourself is to reinstall/repair the phone software to check if the problem is caused by software.

You can repair the phone software via PC Companion.

Try to run the phone a few days after the software repair without installing any third party app's, you could also try to remove the SD-card to see if that might be involved in the problem.

If the phone still is rebooting after doing this it needs to be examined at a repair center. In this case I suggest that you leave it into your retailer for service.

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Re: Xperia X10i restarts / reboots spontaneous after latest software update


Same issue here: reboots the whole day long. I think the problem is the data connection. But I do not know exactly...

I know 4 (four !!) X10i with the same problem: A friend of mine got a new X10i after sending it to the Service Center. I will do the same next week. I tried everything: Flashing, did not install apps, only full battery. - Nothing helped! My father and my wife are very angry to me because I bought them this buggy phone.

I whish I had not upgraded to 2.3 With 2.1 everything was fine. - SonyEricsson: this is really not your finest hour. With the X10 you made everything wrong: long waiting for the 2.1 update, long waiting for the 2.3 update - and then it's faulty!

I am very disappointed. Using the good old T39m at the moment. Those were times... but at least: that mobile WORKS!

Well: and tell your ServiceCenters that there is a reboot-problem with 2.3.3. It is ridicolous that they don't know.


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Re: Xperia X10i restarts / reboots spontaneous after latest software update

I couldn't have said it better myself. I have tried everything. The phone only restarts and reboots all day long. Day after day.

No fix or official comment from Sony Ericsson. I don't know what to do longer. But I know one thing for sure: next phone will be one from Samsung instead. Probably Samsung Galaxy. Samsung have taken a lot of new patents that the competitors lack from what I understand. Touchscreens and processors, software - and more... A few years ago Samsung was a crap phone. Today they are one of the world's very best.

I recently bought a new 40 LCD TV from Samsung. Was shocked by the fine quality it has, through and through. Awesome.

I'm thinking of changing phone operator and get a new phone with the deal. Just to get a new phone. It's so important to have a unit that's relieable. Can't trust this Xperia no more. Definitely change into one of Samsung's premium mobiles at the same time. My confidence has increased significantly for Samsung quality and products.

It feels really sad to say, since I've always been proud of Sony Ericsson (beeing from Sweden). But no... I've had it. I'm soo fed up. Just gonna change phone and say goodbye to S-E forever.

Thanks for all your replies. Keep posting and informing other Xperia X10i users. Perhaps a miracle will happen and S-E suddenly announces that an update and fix is available next week. *NOT*

Not expecting anything more from SE.

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Re: Xperia X10i restarts / reboots spontaneous after latest software update

Dear Sonny_Sweden,

You are right as xperia is not a good smart phone.

My phone is also under repair due to restart from last two months.

Its time to go with samsung....

We have put our hard earn money to sony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Xperia X10i restarts / reboots spontaneous after latest software update

Dear Mukesh!

Remember to post and update us about how it's going with the repair and change into a new motherboard on your phone. Also post how long time it took.

It sounds very tiring, almost exhausting having to leave the phone in for repair every other week. Hopefully your service center in Gurgaon changes the motherboard and that it will fix the problem (from other customers experiences I doubt it - but I hope!).

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Re: Xperia X10i restarts / reboots spontaneous after latest software update

Dear Sonny.Reply ,

Today i have receive my phone with change motherboard.

I have check problem that was in my last motherboard is not present in the new motherboard.

but i need some more time so that i can check about restart proble.

It took 8 days to get my phone repair.

I hope this will not restart again, as my warrant will be expire in two days.................

Motherboard is change by chennai not by gurgaon service center.