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Xperia V Micro SD memory card problems

One time poster
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Message 1 of 3

Xperia V Micro SD memory card problems

I have bought a 32GB micro SD card from Samsung. Every time I turn the phone completely off and on again the phone states that the memory card is now damaged and it can no longer read the information on the card. And all or 90percent of the information is lost.


I have tested the SD card in other devices and on my imac computer and the card is fine and the information is still on it. 


At first i thought it was the card so I bought another brand and have the same issues. This card is a class 10, I don't know if this is an issue.


Anyone else have this problem.


Seperate issue but I also find that using the xperia software with my imac to transfer music and video to the phone does not work well some files copy across but the majority throw up error messages, and the files don't copy across.

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Re: Xperia V Micro SD memory card problems



I also had a problem with my Xperia V and a brand new Samsung Pro 32GB (UHS-1, Class10) card.

I had several problems with my camera app freezing when saving into it.

(if you search this forum, you'll find my post)


Also checked the card in a laptop, and all seemed ok. But not with the phone...


I think it's either overheating making the contacts loose, or interface compatibility problems.


Then I switched to a SanDisk Ultra 32GB (also UHS-1, Class10) and never had that problem again.


Hope this helps,



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Re: Xperia V Micro SD memory card problems

I have the sandisk ultra 32, 
It works for everything, exept, to transfer files from phone to sd. Cant find a way to format inside the phone, just to delete everything. Formating in a computer has nopt solved the problem..