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Xperia U running slow since update

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Registered: ‎2012-09-06

Re: Xperia U running slow since update

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Re: Xperia U running slow since update

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I am having the exact same problem. Updated my phone yesteray after having not logged onto the companion for more than a year and a half. I sincerely regret the moment I did it. All applications misbehave and basically the phone take 1-2 mins to undertake the most elementary tasks. Often I can't even slide the indicator to the right side so that I can pick the phone when someone is calling me.


Am I right, reading this thread, that basically there ISN'T an availavle way to easily solve this problem? I have restored the hone to factory settings, deleted pretty much all of my apps (which shouldn't be the case of course -- thats what the smartphone is for, to run apps) and its still extremely slow?


Isn't there AN EASY way to simply roll back to the previous software version? Do I really need to tamper with the phone in all those semi-hacking semi-official ways that one can find on the internet (and this forum) to simply make it work?


If the phone simply can't run properly WHY do you recommend to always update to the newer version?


Are there any available solutions or doing great update effectively condemns you to having to spend another three to four hundred euros to buy a new phone?


PS: NONE of the links available in this thread actually tells me anything about how to downgrade/roll back to the previous software version.


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