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Xperia S Network signal is weak.

One time poster
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Xperia S Network signal is weak.

In my xperia s Mobile network signal is too low. I never seen my signal strength reaching that 4th point. its showing 3 points only. then drops 2 and 1 then 0. then again3,2,1,0. What i have to do now. My mobile running on ICS PLATFORM. I have checked my sim with other handset its showing full strength in other handsets.Please help me.:-(

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Re: Xperia S Network signal is weak.

Well, it's very heard to determinate if there is something wrong with this phone or if it's the coverage that's not good enough where you are. To be sure what causes this problem you should visit a store that sells Xperia S and compare the signal with your SIM-card inserted in the other phone.

If you don't have the possibility to do this or suspect there might be something wrong with the phone, you can always try repairing the software via PC Companion:

sony_sign_logo.png - Official Sony Xperia Support Staff

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Re: Xperia S Network signal is weak.

Well, I have started hating Sony now. This is my 3rd post in 1 year with 3 different problems.

1. My LCD screen had yellow spots, I went all the way from one country to another to claim this under warranty and Sony fixed it but:

The transparent bar LEDs went off which was the mistake of Sony staff at service centre who repaired the screen.

2. I travelled again to UAE to get the transparent bar fixed, Sony reparied it but:

Scratched the bottom cover of the phone and said we cannot replace the bottom cover since we dont have parts and there is no proof it was there before or not, however it clearly looks that someone pulled the bottom cover with some tool and the bump is from inside out. Anyway I agreed to live with that.

3. Now I have completely lost the signal reception on the phone, I think the receiver has gone very weak, Only when I am outdoor I get the reception as soon as I come to any indoor area, there is no reception at all. I even changed my sim card from my cell operator and tried it in 3 other phones, I get full signals or at least 4 bars in the indoor.

So the conclusion is that Sony Xperia S costed me more than any other phone I had and I missed over 100 calls/messages on it, I wasted money in travelling because i bought it from UAE airport and lived in Oman and I travelled 2 times to UAE to get it fixed under warantty because Oman Sony centre refused to do any fix. I wasted my time and 630 USD.

I wish I can report to the CEO or CTO of this company about the level of their service and their sony centre qualified engineers and the technology of this phone.

I went out to sold it in 2nd hand telecom market but no one wants to buy it coz it doesnt catch any signals.

Next month my phone will be out of warranty and I cannot leave my work to go to UAE to fix it again.

Can anyone understand my situation?

Can anyone give me the contact number/email of Sony CEO? I know you might be having millions of happy customers but I am unhappy.

Is there any Sony Xperia support member having any authority to do anything for my case, or at least guide me what should I do with this phone?