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Xperia S GPS Problem

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Xperia S GPS Problem

Hi Sony and Users,

Since day one 1 (9 march 2012) that i had the Xperia S i have GPS problems.

Looking at the forums there are more people with the same problem.

It looks like the 2011 range has the same problems.

The Xperia Pro / Neo / V are running on Android 2.3.4 (What i have read).

The Xperia S is running Android 2.3.7

Why is there no bug fix for the 2.3.4 version.

Why did you bring out the Xperia S with the bug still in it. When does the Fix come.

The forum thread of the 2011 models, already sad that the bug was there on oct 29, 2011 by JojoNeo.

So you just continue to bring out phone's with the same problem??

For me the only thing that works is to turn on Flight Mode and then Navigate. Thats NO option for me.

I have a HSDPA 14,4 Mbit/s connection on my phone but the problem is still there.

5 minutes of navigation and the connection freezes till i restart the phone.

Link to XDA Forum thread:

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Re: Xperia S GPS Problem

I have the same problem and I hope that Sony will solve it soon, or give us at least some reply.


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Re: Xperia S GPS Problem

Guys, listen me !!!

Bring the phone back and change brand if you are in time.

We are waiting since 5 months, and probably we have to wait other 2 months, before to receive the ipotetical fix for 2011 series.

Now I read about a similar problem on Xperia S and i got a few laughs laugh .

This is absolutely inconceivable, i don't know why Sony is so crazy to do it.

I'm not sure this time is a software bug, but perhaps worst it can be an hardware issue of all terminals.

But if you don't want to wait, and is your right, change the phone immediatly and not with a new unite.

Change completely Brand, this no way to produce phone, Sony please makes Tv that is better. angryangryangry

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Re: Xperia S GPS Problem

disabling the power saver app seems to work for most  people, just make sure you change the setting before.

GPS issues is a big no-no for a mobile device, especially in this price range, so I hope SONY didnt screw this up.

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Re: Xperia S GPS Problem

If the problem you're having is the very same as described in the thread (to which you included a link), you will find some answers from us (Sony people) in there.

For that problem we do have a fix and it will come with the Android ICS update.

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Re: Xperia S GPS Problem

Thx for your reply,

After some more testing.

If the signal drops to zero, i dont get a fix anymore and i have to restart the phone.

This wil be between 5 and 20 minutes

In the other thread the signal is gone for about 30 seconds.

But if Sony knows of the problem in de 2011 range, why do they bring out the Xperia S whit almost the same problem.

And is ICS really goning to fix this problem? Because this is really a no go if the gps only works in flight mode.

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Re: Xperia S GPS Problem

" But if Sony knows of the problem in de 2011 range, why do they bring out the Xperia S whit almost the same problem ? "

Money dear friend, this is the true reply.

or total inaccuracy to do firmware or chose hardware, and this mean again, other money out of our pocket and in Sony pocket.

Bad to admit it, but is the only explanation i did myself for a situation of this type.

Is not conceivable a wait of 7 month for a fix, ft there will be, or buy a new phone with pretty the same problem of 2011 series

Sony insulte its customers, so if you bought the phone since 7 days return it ! ! ! !

I'm very angry, and across i see only a total deafness and indifference.

I repeat again this is no way to make phone or do business with faulty products.

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Re: Xperia S GPS Problem

Confirmed angry

GPS as useless as on Arc ...

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Re: Xperia S GPS Problem

Tested the gps today for the first time............First with Wisepilot and then with google navigation. Worked fine for 20 minutes and then could no longer locate my position and kept searching for GPS signal. I turned off data......turned on/off flight mode..............switched off and then again switched on the gps...........

but it didnt help.

Only resort was to restart the phone. After restarting, gps determined my position in less than 3 secs.

Question is when the GPS loses track (owing to the issue described in the thread and also since 2011 series of phones), shouldn't turning off and again turning ON the GPS ideally solve the problem?? Unless there is a bug due to which the phone keeps data in a cache to determine that something needs to happen before the GPS can start working again.

Cos when I restarted the phone, I presumed, the cache was cleared and hence the entire process was reset and the GPS was good to go for another 20-30 minutes before the same issue would reoccur.

This is such a bad bad problem. I never had issues with my X10 with GB 2.3.3 where I regularly used the GPS for 3-4 hours during trips.

Also when I had heard in their advertisements, that Xperia S uses both GPS and GLONAS to obtain position, I thought navigation would really be better than the earlier phones owing to the dual support.

However, this is proving to be such a bad bad bug. Not at all expected from a reputed company for such a costly device.

If things are not resolved soon, I may decide to return the phone and go for something else.

Note: The sony guy says they know the issue and will provide a fix via ICS. This is not a GB or ICS issue but should be a simple firmwire problem. We still don't know for sure when we shall be getting the ICS updates rolling out. So it would be better if sony can push out a minor update to fix bugs like these. I have been loyal to the Sony brand for my entire life, but seems like it is really time to change. Releasing new generation of premium phones with old bugs.......not a good move. No wonder Sony is unable to get anywhere near Samsung (let alone Apple) in terms of Cell phone sales.

Can Sony provide any update or ETA on when this issue will be fixed? Cos I need to travel regularly and I really prefered using Google Maps instead of a conventional gps. Seems like my new phone is worthless.

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Re: Xperia S GPS Problem

I couldn't say it better. :-bd