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Xperia Ray ST18i not boot after update

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Xperia Ray ST18i not boot after update

I have owned a Xperia Ray ST18i only one moth and it is first time used android.
Few days ago, my Xperia was recommended update new SE software without any warning from SE firm.

I downloaded as the recommend and installed the update in my Xperia. After the 4th cycle stopped it process, my Xreria reboot but it was abnormal, it vibrate briefly then Sony Ericsson letter appeared.

Few second later the Sony Ericsson symbol also appeared. Then a cycle this process is running and nothing can stop it unless removing it battery.

I have:

  • Removed it battery for 8 night hours and recharged fully
  • I tried to connect to my laptop with the latest PC companion rev 2.01.231 but it could not because of shot time Xperias alive. (It try to reboot at every about 30 seconds)
  • I read many discussions on SE support but could not find out any solution.
  • I download Flash tool but nothing changed
  • I contacted to SE firm via Email and have not met response.

I want to send it to SE repair service but it is far away from my local. I tried my best but….

Anyone knows how to do with my Xperia, please tell me. I have not many experiences about android.


  1. T.Phuong
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Re: Xperia Ray ST18i not boot after update

download this and try..

and make sure your battery is more than 50% ok..

and this software works even when your phone is off smile happy

rest the software will tell you :smileywink:

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Re: Xperia Ray ST18i not boot after update

Thanks for response quickly

Okie, It work now,

I have:

- Down loaded X10FlashTool and ST18i_4.0.1.A.0.283_(1252-5332 ).tft

- I run the X10 with adding the ST file.

- There is no "Back" button on The ST18i so I Press the down volume button until the X10 found my Xperia.

Now, my Xperia is working but one more question send you if you have experience:

My Xperia sometimes auto turn off then turn on. This cycle will run until I plug (Charge) it. Remember that it's battery is 70%. All WIFI, GPS and GPRS to be turn off but this cycle still run. I do not know why it run that. That time I recognized the temperature of my Xperia is 42 Degree Ces.

Best Regard


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Re: Xperia Ray ST18i not boot after update