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Xperia Play android market / google play problem pls help

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Xperia Play android market / google play problem pls help

Hello ,

I have discoverd a Big flaw. Yesterday I noticed my google market icon was no longer ,replaced by the google play icon. Since I was not aware that google were rolling out google play I got into a panic and thought my green market icon had gone for good.

So I decided to reset the phone to factory and wiping SD card as well. The phone will reset fine and load up fine however ,  when you load the Stock markert version provided by sony after reset. It will show you the green and black screen to put your account details which is fine of course.

Once the log in process is finished your taken back to the home screen. The problem is now when you load the Green market icon it flicks right over to the phones browser which displays a web page showing google plays Terms and conditions If you hit the back button it returns back to the home screen instead of allowing you to acept and agree to the market conditions. This makes it imposible to load the market.

Please bare with me on this. Now I tapped like mad to hit the market agree button before it wized of to the phones browser. Of course this should not work like this. There is more because even having got into the market using the above unatural way , it displays googles very first market place GUI.

Which is basic slow ect.....Normally before google play was out the standard market version that comes with most handsets would upgrade to a more slicker GUI with in a few mins...... In my case it wont and I am stuck with the ugly version......Downloads were failing and instalation erros were common.

Once I figured out that My green market button did not disapear and was only replaced by google play without any warning , Shame on google sad

After hours of head scratching I managed to use the stock market which was awkward to say the least because of the above problems to install Astro file manager and I found google play 3.47 APK on the internet which after installed , indeed replaced the market with google play.

But this process should have been automatic. This problem is serious IMHO and i'm certain can be recreated on other handsets.I am not qualified enough to say this issue is with google or the sony hadsets. I would like sony to try and reproduce the error and and decide with who the error is.

Because sooner or later people will have to reset there xperia plays and will run into the same process and my work around is far from a solution becasue i still dont know if it will upgrade to future versions of google play as they change because I installed google play manualy and google have not released it as an APK file .

Please can someone from sony get back to me or maybe some one else who is able to reset there xperia play using wipe all data option and see if the handset has the same issues.  I jsut bought my handset 1 week ago it has android 2.3.4.

Thanks for your time I look forward to your responses

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Re: Xperia Play android market / google play problem pls help

I decided to reset Phone again and google are no longer sending me to a webpage during google market config and then the market updates to google play as I would have expected maybe google realised some handsets were affected and would not display the market config when it let the browser taake over that stage.

Hope that makes sense I have a new problem with the games page flicking or jumping on the more games section will ask for help seperately.

Sony Xperia Support
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Message 3 of 4

Re: Xperia Play android market / google play problem pls help

This was a strange problem, I tried to replicate it hear but had no luck. Regarding the screen flicker, does this happen on any other page at all or only when you view this specific page and is it consistent?

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Re: Xperia Play android market / google play problem pls help

Hello thank you for replying.

Basically when I open the slider game pad,Xperia play screen pops up

looking at the installed games is fine.when I press more games after the

app checks all games available from market and websites in a line ,the icons flick and flash every 2

secs this does not happen in any other use of the phone.the problem is

consistent and is the case even after a factory reset.I'm fairly bothered

by it since I can't uninstall Xperia play app and factory reset is still

producing the problem.had hanset for about 10 days and I don't feel like

flashing the device using pc companion ,feel like I shouldn't have to go

through this when I just paid for it , please help me understand a way

forward thanks.

does pc companion repair fully flash the device ?

have you heard of this problem before?

really would like a steady set of game icons now that my original problem was resolved.

once again thank you for your time