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Xperia Arc bad signal and bluetooth drops out

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Xperia Arc bad signal and bluetooth drops out

Hi, I got a new Sony Ericson Xperia Arc upgrade on 20th June 2011, since then the problems I have had, are a bad signal with calls not getting to my phone, I have “divert when unreachable” set up on my Xperia Arc, to my old Sony Ericson C902 phone and in the last 4 week I have had more than 20 calls that have came though to my old Sony Ericson because of bad signal, even though the Xperia Arc is showing 3 bars of signal on the phone, I know this also because some people are phoning me on my landline saying what up with your mobile is it switched off.

I have phoned "02", they said to try a new Sim card, I have tried 2, same result.

They said upgrade the software, I’m already on the latest version.

I have also tried the sim in my old phone with no problems.

I have also tried it on 2g and 3g, same result.

The next problem is with the blue-tooth dropping out, I have had it connected to 3 different

blue-tooth car kits and you can be driving along, next thing it has dropped out, you have to manually reconnect.

The next problem may also be related to the bad signal, 24 hour for a picture message to get to recipient and other text not getting there at all.

I have been with Sony Ericson for the last 6 phones but unless I get this sorted it will be my last.

I have been with "02" for about 20 years and never had problem like this before.

Sony Xperia Support
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Re: Xperia Arc bad signal and bluetooth drops out

Given what you have tried to do to resolve the issue and the fact that the network seem to be certain that it is not an issue on their end, I am really only left with advising you to get the handset to a repair agent.

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Re: Xperia Arc bad signal and bluetooth drops out

To Sam SE:

My wife and I have SE ARCs, and I have had similar issues as Dash, I have fixed my Sim issue (but also heard that if it fails, to just open the back and make sure that the SIMcard is firmly IN)...

My wife and I have SIM cards since 2005, I have replaced a new sim card on my wifes phone as well, but kept my old one because it wasn't giving me network connectivity issues.

So far, I havent had phone calls issues after that.

I also solved the battery issue (same issues as with all smartphones) by controlling the settings and with help from apps like the Android Assistant, SuperBlock, and Juice defender to name a few.

I was told that there IS a Software issue with the Arc, I paired the Arc 'Succesfully' with 4 of my Bluetooth devices, 3 earpieces, and one handsfree.

And I am also aware that the Arc has bluetooth v2.1, whilst all of my other devices are 2.0; and yet they PAIRED.

That is all they are good for 'Paired' is frustrating. I have seen and read and heard all different "Solutions" but no real results.

ONE thing is FOR SURE, I will NOT give my phone back to be replaced UNLESS I will get the items I have spent for; be reimbursed.

The TIME I have spent "getting-to-know" the phone is PRICELESS, I will not do that again.

Now here is the clincher: They paired but CANNOT CONNECT. Is there a reason as to why even after I have "UNPAIRED" them just to re-"pair" them, they do not even connect?

Please help me with this issue, I want to drive safely and I have never been a fan of grabbing my cellphone and driving with the other hand. I need my bluetooth to work for me.

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Re: Xperia Arc bad signal and bluetooth drops out

Hi, thanks for your replies, I have had a replacement Arc from 02, I have had it 3 days now. In the three days I have put all the app's back on and paired back to the blue tooth in my cars, in one of the cars it would not connect, it would pair but not connect, tried about ten times, then I decided to rename the phone and low and behold it connected first time and has connected every time since, with no drop out in that car, not tried it in the other yet.

On the lost calls though, I still have the same problem that people are ringing on my land line to tell me they can't get any connection on mobile.I even activated the 02 missed call system to send a text when you have had a missed call and even this does not pick up every lost call, so I don't know what the answer will be?

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Re: Xperia Arc bad signal and bluetooth drops out

I have the same issue with my Arc!!! Got the phone for 1 month and the problem start happen couple days ago. Can't make a call or receive any call. When dialing a call it keeps say Call Ended; check signal network then it said Network or SIM card error.

Got the new SIM card from Fido but still does not work. Talke to Fido & SE but can't help anything. Tried to flash the firmware but does not help at all. I love this phone but now I won't buy any SE phone again as been SE fan for years and years. Never have any problem like this.

Tried drop to 2G but still does not work. The signal bar is full but can't get a call; have no idea why. Someone told me it might be the hardware problem??? sad The phone is from Roger network & unlocked used with Fido no issue for a month, now the problem come in.

If anyone knows how to fix this issue please let me know; thank you for all your help!!!!!

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Re: Xperia Arc bad signal and blue tooth drops out

Hi, I am now on my 3rd Xperia Arc, this one appears to be from a different batch to the other 2, I have had this one 4 days so far and fingers crossed up to now everything seems to be fine, calls are getting to me, making calls without dropping out, bluetooth connections to car OK. I'm running this on 2G not 3G.

I will see how it goes over the next week and then report back, but up to now I think it must be a faulty batch of phones.

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Re: Xperia Arc bad signal and blue tooth drops out

@ Dashradio

So you have 3 SE Arc already? For the first 2, you send back to SE company and they send you the new one? I talked to SE in North Ameica (for Canada); they said if after the software repair and still does not work then I have to send my phone to them. I tried so many kind about software & hardware but does not work; I think it's hardware. I will contact them again to see what I have to do now. After this repair, I might sell the phone & never get the SE phone again. sad  Even been with SE for long time but this phone just turn me down; I might go for Iphone as I got one Iphone4 now & working fine no issue since day 1.

If anyone know how to resolve this problem please reply to me. Thank you kindly for all your help!!!

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Re: Xperia Arc bad signal and blue tooth drops out

we need a new update for fixing that problem , now