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XPERIA Z3 back cover is peeling off and other problems! HELP!

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XPERIA Z3 back cover is peeling off and other problems! HELP!

Dear Sir/Maddam,


I bought my XPERIA Z3 in March, my previous phone was XPERIA Z and I was satisfied during 2 years of use.


After 3 weeks after purchase my back cover suddenly just cracked itself. I send my phone over to dedicated service in Poland called w-support. In the beginning they didn't want to repair and said this is my fault, but the phone was brand new without any scratches and sign of use and many other cases like those also happened so the phone was repaired on guarantee.

I got my phone after 10 days. I figured out that backcover is not good matched, backcover was in angle. After few more days I noticed that NFC also doesn't work.


I called this time Sony Xperia Care Poland and they said thaht my case will take first prority. I send Xperia Z3 to service again. They sent me this over and NFC wasn't still working. I was really upset and dissapionted, and angry... I was wasting my time on the resendig the device over and over again.

Again I decided to call Sony Poland and send device again. After few days I got my phone again... NFC was repaired and backcover seemd to be ok.


Few weeks ago I noticed that my camera are making bad quality photos. I took a look for the device and noticed that my backcamera is full of dust. It means that backcover is not tight. That's good that I didn't put my device under the water because in the closer look you can see thaht backcover is PEELING OFF!


After few months of use I have got only problems with this Sony Xperia Z3 device and I lost my hope. I don't want to resend my device into the technical service anymore and wasting my time during 2 years of guarantee. I would like to enjoy my time with XPERIA and other Sony products. I thought that Sony will keep me as a good client as I was during last few years (Bravia HX750, both PS's, TX30 and many others...). I also was working as your dedicated seller DIME in Poland for almost 2 years during study. I thought that Sony respects their customers.


I expect at least an answer what shoul I do? 

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Re: XPERIA Z3 back cover is peeling off and other problems! HELP!



I'm sorry to hear that but this is a user based forum, you will have to contact your Local support. Perhaps @SergioPL has some suggestions

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." Kurt Cobain (1967-1994)

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Message 3 of 4

Re: XPERIA Z3 back cover is peeling off and other problems! HELP!

I guess nothing except EU Consumer Law Slightly frowning Face. On my Z3C front glass peeled off but my device was exchanged for new unit by w-support after 2 weeks of waiting for parts.

Maybe try to write a compliant to Sony Mobile Poland directly, submit them copy of all conversations with service center and ask for a replacement phone because the phone is longer in w-support than in your pocket?

Best regards,
Sergio PL

Xperia Z3 Compact / Nexus 7 (2012)
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Re: XPERIA Z3 back cover is peeling off and other problems! HELP!



afther I describded my problems in details to all international Sony product support facilities, I finally got an infromation from the local respresentative taht they decided to replace my phone for new one.


After six month of bad luck I am finally happy. Hopefully no more problems with Sony.