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Why no Proxy in WiFi?

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Why no Proxy in WiFi?

Why SONY doesn't permit to change WiFi proxy settings?

My phone is almost useless from Monday to Friday!

My office has a fast wifi connection but I would have to specify a proxy and authentication (username + password). The city I live in has a very poor 3G coverage. I can access internet though my phone only at weekends and only if I go to my parents city!

It's like having a Ferrari without tires!

Sincerely, I would be very ashamed to continue refusing to put proxy settings in wifi connection. I don't know if it's Google's fault or Sony's fault, maybe both are guilty. What's the big deal in improve it?

PS: As Sony's PC Companion doesn't allow proxy's authentication, maybe Sony has a problem with it, don't?

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Re: Why no Proxy in WiFi?


I'm afraid this is simply something which isn't currently available on our Xperia handsets.

I could only suggest trying third party apps from the Android Market/Google Play shop which may be able to provide this functionality to the handset.

I will, however, make sure your feedback regarding this is passed on for you.


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Re: Why no Proxy in WiFi?

I'd like to use third part apps, but they required to root my phone and it's something I don't want to do:

  • I don't know how to root
  • I'm afraid of get my phone useless if something go wrong
  • People say I would lose my garantee
  • I would exposed my phone to malicious programs

My Ferrari continue without tires: I have a supercomplete phone but I can do few things. My 3G is poor and my WiFi is useless because I have no way to connect to proxy.

Aimee, I know it's possible to connect through proxy because people do it, they just have to get root or superuser access. Blocking proxy and authentication in Wifi to ordinary user isn't good: people will try to get root access anyway and it will expose them to malicious programs. And you are blocking something harmless and usefull.

Please, make an urgent update. If I knew Xperia didn't connect thru proxy+auth, I would never buy it.