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What should i do when i feel the device overheating without turning it off?

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Message 71 of 80

Xperia Z3+ HOT


I use z3+ My phone is really hot. When I can for take a photo my back or front camera, my phone the temperation is rising. And after a short while camera automaticly closing. When I play game (ex. Uno or subway surf ) again temperation is rising? I know this is everyone's problem.
Will be found a final solution to this problem?

What can we do?
Please help us

Thanks for advance
One time poster
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sony xperia Z3+ dual

After the latest upgrades, does the overheatong problem solved? I,m intrested in buying an Z3+ dual, but if cannot be used NORMAL is usless    :-)  Please advice !!!

One time poster
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Phone heats badly

For a phone like Sony z3+ I had expected more phone heats up like crazy when your playing games or using camera suggest a solution please I hope it won't blow off someday the phone I mean
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Overheating z3+

I have had my phone for over 5 months now. Never had a problem except
1. The reason I bought the phone was the camera, which I can't use because it shuts down due to overheating. So I'm stuck with using an expensive phone that cost me my arm and leg to buy. Most depressing
2. Now for the last 4 daysI am facing the overheating problem. I don't even need to use my phone. I thought it might be the updates that keep happening in the background. But as I'm using the phone even just to talk it gets so hot I now use headphones so I don't burn my ear.
Sony needs to figure this out.
We had bought 2 devices, my husband told me it was a mistake to buy a Sony. And I didn't listen. Nd now I never hear the end of how crap the phone is. Problem is, I agree.
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Message 75 of 80

Z3+ heating questions.



The phone can't overheat, if it gets too hot it will shutdown. If you run heavy apps and/or games or stream videos or record on 4K the phone will heat up faster, also if you use apps that run in the backgroung constantly, such as whatsapp, facebook, antivirus, taskillers, battery apps.



"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." Kurt Cobain (1967-1994)

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Message 76 of 80

Re: Overheating z3+

It was a mistake buying sony so many problems, the only help you'll get is send it in for repairs, you'll get a new phone, which will up in the next  months. 


My replacment phone came with a problem, but i ignored it, led to a bigger problem and just gave up. 


I bought the worst Samsung for the chepast i could for $AU169 

I've had it for 3 months. Proabably the worst phone pecification-wise. But hasn't ran into any problems at all, which is the funny thing. 

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Message 77 of 80


My Z3+ running on 6.0 MARSHMALLOW. It's fast and camera well. Obviously, heating issue didn't solve by Sony. I know you can't but I can't use my phone exactly. When I play some games, it gets too hot. Its PERFORMANCE slows down. It becomes laggy and annoying.
Please help me about this problem. Because I really hate these heating issues.
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Message 78 of 80

Re: What should i do when i feel the device overheating without turning it off?

But after 6.0 update the heating issue of camera is improved after updating i had recorded a video of 30 min and it performed well
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Z3+ over heating

I believed Sony had updated the qualcomm 8.1 processor for less heading issues but my phone is heating up with minimal usage, it is touching almost 50degrees just by seeing one video. Can't use camera for more than 8-10 clicks unlike z1, I bought this phone for its superior camera but this is useless if I can't take pictures only. It is always been brick of heat. Please help me Sony, can't see that the brand I most like provides me such kind of phone.
One time poster
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Message 80 of 80

Xperia Z3+ working bad besarse of the temperature

My Xperia Z3+ continuously stops while using different apps even if I close up all the others. It gets too hot using the camera, charging, using video (and it doesn't record well) a game, my GPS... So I cannot use the funcions I should as I paid for it!! Sony keeps on telling everyone it's normal but I have not paid for a mobile phone that I cannot use. Solutions please!!