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Weird Solution to Neo V's Wifi Problem!! Help!!

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Weird Solution to Neo V's Wifi Problem!! Help!!


I mailed to sony-support regarding my newly bought Xperia Neo V as my phone was not able to detect ad-hoc wireless networks and also disconnected frequently from others networks as well.

I got a reply from them it is really weird as they asked me to update my Android phone with the updates of a non-Android phone. I have replied to them asking if there is any typo. silly

Guys, please suggest.

Below is the solution they have provided:

Dear Kumar,

Thank you for contacting the Sony Ericsson support centre.

We are sorry to hear of the issues that you are having with your Sony Ericsson Neo V not being able to connect to WIFI.

From the issues that you have described we would suggest that you update the Software on your Sony Ericsson handset. This can be done free of charge using our Sony Ericsson Update Service tool. To carry out the update you will need internet access and a USB cable.

It may be the case that user data is lost during this upgrade. We therefore recommend backing up any data to your SIM card, Memory Stick, or PC before upgrading.

Please follow the steps below to download and install the update service software:

1. Go to
2. Click Support
3. Select the W995 (not the Neo V)
4. Click on Downloads
5. Below the Update Service, select ‘Read more and Download’
6. Select Download Now

Once you have installed the Sony Ericsson Update Service you will need to launch it. Once it opens simply follow the instructions that you will see on screen. The update should then begin.

For more information on your Sony Ericsson Limited Warranty please consult your User Guide or visit

For further information on Sony Ericsson products, services and support please visit

Kind Regards,

David Welsh
Sony Ericsson Customer Services

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Re: Weird Solution to Neo V's Wifi Problem!! Help!!

It's not a typo although I know it sounds odd.  The reason for the instruction is that the Sony Ericsson Update Service download has been removed from the Android Phones downloads section, this has been reported and escalated and we are still awaiting a resolution.  I personally give the link to the Aino update service download.... my reason being that its first alphabetically in the phone list!  Aino™ - Update Service - Downloads - Mobile phones - Support - Sony Ericsson

In the meantime the Update Service works perfectly with the Android phones, you get to choose your device when you run the programme.  It is my preference to update rather than PC Companion as I have found it less buggy - I have the standard Neo by the way.

Anyway, hope the update gets your phone sorted.

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Re: Weird Solution to Neo V's Wifi Problem!! Help!!

Hi Suze,

I had the same problem as above, and followed the steps outlined but to no avail.

SE Xperia Neo, MT15i, Android 2.3.4

So basically- I can't connect to my home wifi network (WPA/WPA2 PSK). However, I have been able to connect to some networks, but wifi connection goes on and off.

I have reset phone, reset router, changed router channel to 11, reinstalled phone settings, factory reset with PC companion, and now phone update with SE Update Service.

Driving me nuts. Now I've lost all my apps, and can't reistablish them without internet!

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Re: Weird Solution to Neo V's Wifi Problem!! Help!!

Yes... even i m facing same problem.

Am able to connect to wifi network.... whenever i walk out of range & come back within the range... it wont connect.

I have to restart the router n phone.  It will connect & works till the time i m within the network.

this is the issue all the times...with all routers... at my work , home...everywhere.

Its driving me nuts... Some1 HELP.

What are the SONY tech guys doing ??   DAY DREAMING

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Re: Weird Solution to Neo V's Wifi Problem!! Help!!

I am having the exact same problem with my SE Xperia Pro, I'm trying an app 'Wifi Fixer' from the Market at the moment to see if it can help.

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Re: Weird Solution to Neo V's Wifi Problem!! Help!!

it worked for me.....

i would like to make it more clear what sam said. so i will go step by step.

1) check weather there is a update available for ur router.if u hav linksys router follow the link to check ( and select from FIRMWARE CATAGORIES.

2) After updating reboot ur router.

3)Then go to configuration page of ur router and type any SSID u want.

4) Then go to wireless security and sellect security mode as "WPA2 Personal"

5) And select WPA Algorithms as "TKIP+AES"

6) And then enter any WPA Shared  Key u want for ur network.

Thats it hope it helps u... will be waitang for ur replies ( feel free to contact

plz let me know if it helps.

hope it will help n the NEW YEAR WILL BE GREAT WITH UR NEW PHONE



                                                     HAPPY NEW YEAR TO U ALL!!!!

                                                         GOOD LUCK GUYS!!!!!!

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Re: Weird Solution to Neo V's Wifi Problem!! Help!!

I've recently purchased an Xperia Neo V, and also faced the wifi dissconnection problem. I did some testing with my wifi router and my latpot as well, and now I think I have found the root of the problem. (Laptop was used to check whether the AP works stable or not.)

The phone is not able to handle properly the encrypted wifi networks. As soon as I disable encryption on the wifi AP (open wifi),  the connection becomes rock solid. I was able to watch youtube video via wifi for an hour when encryption was disabled. But dissconnection happens in evry 2..5 minutes (visible in the routers DHCP log) when WPA enabled (tested in both WPA and WPA2). I had no time to test it in WEP mode.

I hope this helps some of you guys. I also hope it will be fixed in some new firmware release.

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Re: Weird Solution to Neo V's Wifi Problem!! Help!!

just update firmware of your router. surely wifi problem will be solved.

1. do not reset factory settings

2. do not repair software of phone.

3. do not update software till official launch by sony.

I had same wifi problem in xperia Neo V. I updated firmware of router now it is working