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Weird Script within ICS update

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Message 1 of 3

Weird Script within ICS update

I always loved the ease of use of Power Saver with latest ICS update we lost the power saver and It was replaced by a lousy menu option that performs specific predetermined tasks by Sony geniouses and not what a user might like

Because I own also a Xperia S Upside-down FacefacepalmSlightly smiling Face I got the application to run again with my ICS Xperia P, the app works flawlessly as before!

The weird thing is that after sometime the os silently removes the specific app!!!

Is Sony Spying us, our habits, our apps, our preferences?

Has Sony Installed/established a script that spies for specific applications?

I have alreadu tried this in 3 different XPERIA P with ICS with the SAME results!

Sony Xperia Support
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Re: Weird Script within ICS update

I think there must be some other reason behind why it disappears. Do you have a APK that you have installed?

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Message 3 of 3

Re: Weird Script within ICS update

Hi Johan,

Let me say this again,

After Xperia P ICS update Power Saver .apk was missing (In Gingerbread the application .apk was there)

So I just took the .apk from my Xperia S and Installed the app to Xperia P

the .apk was being deleted automagically over and over no matter how many times I Installed It...

NOTICE: The deletion doesn't occur Instantly but It will  happen after a day or two and Power Saver MUST be enabled or at least one of It's profiles.

(I assume this concludes my bug report and steps to reproduction)

and NO there's NO other Installed apps and/or rooting, just plain Xperia Vanilla Xperience

I'm very concerned and disturbed on this issue and I must Inform you that I have already sold my device (so there is no need for further advice).

In sight of/due to  privacy concerns, I will now start the process of running some security tests on my second device Xperia S (I'm quite experienced as I have been occupied for a long time till now as a freelance tester for numerous devices)

Please do take some time and Inform your engineers whether If such scripts do exist, (I do understand that scripts as such #may# exist solely for testing/lab purposes and one or two may have "escaped" the lab) please remove them and release a corrective firmware removing  "Issue" as such.