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Can someone please tell me if has exposed Sony Xperia z3 plus underwater WITHOUT closing the ports?And if has done that,did the phone lived?I bought this phone 1 month ago and I'm afraid of break it down if i expose it underwater without cover and closing the ports...
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Re: Waterproofness!

Sony advices users to not fully submerge the phone. Just make sure you close the ports all the time and refrain from opening the ports frequently because it will loosen the rubber gaskets and eventually won't make your phone waterproof. But if you are confident you can submerge your phone, it's up to you. It's a risk as I had mine with my Xperia Z. Fortunately i never had any water problems with my Z for two years, exposing it to water or submerged a couple of times. Ultimately my flaps' rubber gaskets had given up and was removed completely due to over usage especially the usb port, audio port, and SD card port. Thus refrain from opening those flaps all the time. Open only when needed. Just play safe.
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Re: Waterproofness!


But, don’t forget the covers…

As well as making sure you familiarize yourself with your device, you must remember to firmly close all covers before exposing your device to water or dust. This includes the covers for the micro USB port, the SIM card slot, and the memory card. Some of our devices have a capless waterproof micro USB port. In cases where such a device has been exposed to water, it’s important that the USB port is completely dry before a USB cable is inserted into it. To remove moisture from the USB port, shake your device several times with the USB port facing downward, then use a microfiber cloth to wipe your device dry. Repeat the procedure until no moisture is visible in the USB port.

You should also make sure no strands of hair or other small objects get caught between the covers when you close them. Not doing so may seriously damage your device.

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Re: Waterproofness!



Also, keep it away from chlorinated water and sea/salt water, as well as hot water/hot tub/bathtub

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