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Vivaz Apps (not having much joy)

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Vivaz Apps (not having much joy)

Pathetic! Had this pants phone for 2 days now and dislike it already.

No email delivery except if i 'log in'. Or, am i being thick?

Seems that the 'play now' arena is just that, play and mess about and no seroius useable apps.

NO ebay app as far as i can see/find.

No paypal app. yet again, maybe there is but i cant find 1.

Not surprised people move from symbian phones to android.

Someone PLEASE help me find apps that are worth having or its going and off i go aagain to a Blackberry.

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Re: Vivaz Apps (not having much joy)

dont bother replying. Piece of pooh. worst phone ive ever had. Its going. hate it with a passion within 36 hours. Stupid layout, stupid slow phone.

Truly cant keep this polite and say how much i hate it.

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Re: Vivaz Apps (not having much joy)


Symbian is an older platform and not as many applications have been developed for it when compared to Android for instance. Also I don't think that Sony Ericsson has sold this phone for quite a while and support for it is fairly limited.