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Unacceptable After Sales Service

One time poster
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Unacceptable After Sales Service

I am using Sony Xperia ZL since 2 years 4 months, I was quite happy with the phone’s performance (knowing the battery does not last long with full charge) till I visited the Sony service center on 10th of July 2015.

After upgrading it to Lollipop, the charging time increased drastically and one fine day, my phone could not last more than 5-10 mins after full charge. I was sure that the battery needs a replacement. I went to the ISCON ELEGANCE Sony Service Center, Ahmedabad and informed them about the issue.

The technician said, he will update the OS which will take not more than 30 mins and see if the issue is resolved (even after I told him that its already upgraded to Lollipop just few days back and as per my knowledge the battery needs to be replaced). You can refer the attached Service Job Sheet. After waiting for the said time when I went to inquire about the status he said, as the phone is shutting down in 5-10 mins, he could not update the OS, so he asked me to leave the phone and collect it the next day morning. I was ok as far as my phone gets fixed.

When I called up the next morning to know about the status, the reply was the same “as the phone is shutting down in 5-10 mins, he could not update the OS” and said that this phone cannot be repaired and if I want the same phone, I can go for the SWAP. He gave me 2 options (as per my phone’s purchase date):

  1. 30% - I need to submit my phone at the service center against which they will issue me a voucher (which will take not less than 15 days) and then I need to visit Sony shop and pay 30% of the REFURBISHED Sony Xperia ZL (warranty period of 6 months) market price to own it.
  2. 50% - I need to submit my phone at the service center against which they will issue me a voucher (which will take not less than 15 days) and then I need to visit Sony shop and pay 50% of the Brand New Sony Xperia ZL (Warranty period as per new phone) market price to own it.

I paid Rs. 114 for nothing and collected my phone, said nothing about their incapability to repair or resolve the issue, more so about the so called SWAP scheme, which I feel is a Big Contradiction to the technician’s statement.

I ordered the Sony Xperia ZL original battery, went to the local technician and got it replaced on 17th of July 2015 which took not more than 15 minutes. Since then there is no problem as such with my phone.

Here are certain points which I fail to understand:

  1. If Sony Xperia ZL and ZR are non-repairable, how can you people give the option of paying 30% for the Refurbished Sony Xperia ZL? (Refurbished products may be unused customer returns that are essentially "new" items, or they may be defective products that were returned under warranty, and resold by the manufacturer after repairing the defects and ensuring proper function)
  2. If I being a non technical person figure out what the actual problem is, what takes your so called skilled technician to identify the root cause?
  3. If a local technician can replace the battery without damaging the phone, why can’t your technicians do it?
  4. If a particular phone is non-repairable, why don’t you mention it on the box?

I use a lot of Sony appliance like; TV, Music system, Camera etc. but never experienced such pathetic service. I always thought Sony being a global brand will have the best after sales service, but my recent experience proved it otherwise. Thanks for the eye opener, now I know that Sony is just a brand and nothing more than that!


Retail Invoice_Cash_Memo_Bill.jpgRepair Service Terms & Conditions.jpgPhone after battery replacement 2.png

Forum Legend
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Message 2 of 2

Re: Unacceptable After Sales Service

As this is a user led forum I'm afraid we are unable to comment on the practises of the service centres or their staff, You maybe best directing this issue to Xperia care via email

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