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UK firmware update .73 When is it due?

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UK firmware update .73 When is it due?

Hi Sony Support

Do you have a time frame for the .73 update going to be available in the UK?

I seen the APAC one release. 

Many Thanks


Sony Xperia Support
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Re: UK firmware update .73 When is it due?

I have no specific info about it yet unfortunately.

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Re: UK firmware update .73 When is it due?

UK t-mobile rolled out 2 days ago, 23/04/2012


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Re: UK firmware update .73 When is it due?

Where is 0,73 UK update cry

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Re: UK firmware update .73 When is it due?

here is the discussion i just had with the sony support group, complete waste of time that was lol

Brett: Thank you for providing me with this information, Please could you confirm which model of phone you have and which network it is on?

liam vaissiere: its lt26i (xperia s) in white, my sim is 02 but i have generic firmware / unbranded phone

Brett: Thank you, how can I help you today?

liam vaissiere: i would like to know when the .73 firmware will be released for generic phones, only reason is tmobile and orange rolled out there updates last month and usually the generic versions come first otherwise i would have got a contract phone instead smile happy

Brett: Do you mean Ice Cream Sandwich?

liam vaissiere: no i mean the firmware updates that fixes the battery drain on the device, central europe, singapore, norway, netherlands even italy have the generic firmware update but the uk are still waiting

liam vaissiere: ics will be out at the end of may early june

Brett: Okay, that firmware is due for release hopefully in the next couple of weeks. We don't have an exact release date im afraid.

liam vaissiere: is there any reason why 02 tmobile and orange had managed to release there updates on the .73 firmware but not generic, seems very strange as the update must be ready otherwise mobile carriers wouldnt have been able to add the blaotware

Brett: I would not be able to comment on that unfortunately Liam.

liam vaissiere: surely if its ready for mobile carriers over a months ago and they have finished testing the generic should have been ready, are we likel to see it before the ics update

Brett: Yes you will receive it before Ice Cream Sandwich.

liam vaissiere: not sure if thats a good thing or not lol, well thank you anyway guess its just a case of waiting for sony again, if i flash the generic firmware from another continent i.e central europe .73 will it void my warranty with the device itself

Brett: I hope the information I have provided is okay. Is there anything else I can help you with?

liam vaissiere: yes, if i flash firmware from central europe will it void my warranty, battery drain is terrible and i know the update fixes the issue as my friend has the update on tmobile

Brett: It will void your warranty yes.

liam vaissiere: really even though it explained how to in the sony forums ? using flashboot, i wont be unlocking the bootloader

Brett: I cant offer support on that im afraid.

liam vaissiere: ok sorry thought this was chat support, sorry but seems like whoever you ask you dont get the answers you want, just told to wait or i cant answer that,


as i said complete waste of time, we dont know when we will get it and sony support can not offer support on there support chat, something wrong there

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Re: UK firmware update .73 When is it due?

bit that makes me laught,

i would like to know then the .73 firmware will be released,

REPLY - do you mean ice cream sandwich ?????????????

NOOOOOOOO i mean firmware update,

if this is the support you get no wonder we dont have the update, they think were on about ics lol

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Re: UK firmware update .73 When is it due?

three have just released the .75 version of the firmware, and still no uk generic .73 ?? whats going on, at this rate i will be SELLING the phone and getting sg3,

had it 3 months, no updates and 2x yellow screens, yeah fantastic phone,

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Re: UK firmware update .73 When is it due?

Liam & Co. -

I've started a new thread FAO UK generic handset owners

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Re: UK firmware update .73 When is it due?

there aren't any improvements just yet, some users claim the capacitive buttons are more sensitive, I'd tried .75 and .76 and I don't see it.

How to "manually" update Xperia S LT26i 2.3.7 build number 6.0.A.3.67 & .73, 75 and 76

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Re: UK firmware update .73 When is it due?

i am ok using flashtool and using it to flash the CE1 Generic to get .73 then .75 but as far as i know this voids my warrantyand with the yellow screens i keep getting i cant afford to lose my warranty unless anyone knows if this is incorrect,