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Throw is not working how to disable / inactivate

Message 5 of 7
Message 5 of 7

Throw is not working how to disable / inactivate

Hello together,

How can I disable or deinstall Throw from my Aqua M4 Phone?

The reason is, that it can´t connect the phone wirth my Amazon Fire TV Box for Screen mirroring.

Also I can´t conect my Phone with my car Radio for Media Playback (Phone function are wqorking well).

Thank you very much.

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aqua m4 dual throw connection in car

Hi together.
I try to connect the Xperia m4 dual with my hands free radio in seat alhambra. The hands free function is perfect: I connected the phone with the radio via Bluetooth. But music streaming via Bluetooth is impossible. If the connection is complete the phone and the hands free function is working, but if I switch to Bluetooth media the connection for music streaming is not working. Every 5 seconds come a short message "connect throw" but there is no connection.
.only to the hands free set. I can't understand my failer Can any body helping?
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Re: aqua m4 dual throw connection in car

Have you established and fully paired your phone with the car?

Try tweaking the settings on your car first. Because it seemed bluetooth is fine with hands free
AlwaysHereToHelp #ThankYouKobe24
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Re: aqua m4 dual throw connection in car

Yes I have. The Bluetooth connection is fine. But only for phone functionality. If I start the media Bluetooth streaming application in the radio I have to pair the phone manually with the phone again. That's ugly.
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Re: aqua m4 dual throw connection in car

Are there any other idears for the problem ?


Thank you very much for your solution.

The M4 dual is relay the best phone on the world, but only this problem with THROW connection and hands free radio in the car is so boring.... thank you for help

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Throw :-( how can me help me?

Hi I am frustrated.

This Sony M4 Dual is realy a perfect phone, but it is impossible to connect Audio Playback in my car or / and Screen Mirroring with Amazon Fire TV.

In my car there is an hands free radio set. Telephone and sync of phonebook is workiung really well. But if I try to connect the audio connection with THROW it is not possible. Only if I clean up the cache from the Trow app I can connect the audio one time. If I come to my car again on the next day: no connection ! :-(

Also at home: Screen Mirroring with Amazon TV Box is not possible !


How can I deinstall or deactivate the THROW function.

One time poster
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Re: Throw :-( how can me help me?

I don't have the solution. I just want to share that i have problems with throw too. Also I am very frustratwd with this. My phone gets all slow, battery runs out. I turn off Throw and it keeps running after seconds. I disabled SmartConnect and have tried almost everything. I hate throw. Now my screen won't even come on.