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The dreaded camera

One time poster
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎2013-03-12

The dreaded camera

That camera on the Xperia Z is SO dissapointing. I really wish Sony had done a better job on this, it's really not up to the competition at all. The phone is so polished and well put together execpt for one thing... the camera. Why is there so much compression/anti-noise? The resulting photos are exceptionally soft, lacking any detail and artifacted to an astonishing degree, even in excellent lighting conditions.

Is there any official answer for why the resulting pictures are so bad?

One time poster
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎2013-03-22

Re: The dreaded camera

The first XZ I received had very poor camera, with noise and colour issues. It was swapped and replacement XZ has no such issues. The photographs are very crisp, good colour saturation and very little noise / speckles. Are you sure your camera is not faulty, check with a demo phone as comparison, that is what I resorted to to test hardware.

One time poster
Posts: 7
Registered: ‎2012-06-14

Re: The dreaded camera

The camera both photos and video are actually good. I've experienced no noise and colour issues in both low and high light conditions.

Posts: 29
Registered: ‎2013-03-16

Re: The dreaded camera

As a rare user of mobile camera since I use a dSLR most of the time I can add that if you use the "Superior Auto" mode it overprocesses your images loads. May give a nice effect for a facebook sized pic' but anything bigger just use normal mode with no HDR etc then photos look great IMO.

Posts: 1,132
Registered: ‎2013-03-16

Re: The dreaded camera

I tend to agree but low light shots even with the settings you suggest are overly colour saturated especially if there are coloured lights in the shoot area