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Sync SE Xperia X2 to Windows Mobile Device Center

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Sync SE Xperia X2 to Windows Mobile Device Center

Hi all,

ONCE Again that Xperia X2 so BAD Mobile Phone.

the scenario:

1. I bought the new one before update software to R3AA035

- originally, can sync Only my contact, calender, and task in only 2 hours.

I have some contact, but in other phone product, sync only takes 30 minutes.

so special with XPeria X2 with WM 6.5

2. then, so many error and I should restart the phone almost 30 TIMES a DAY and 200 times A WEKK.

after a week, i brought back to SE service centre.

they said that I should upgrade it to R3AA035.

Ok, I did it too.

3. The problem:

- Input methode only "Keyboad style", no letter recognizer, etc.

- and all change the menu.

4. THE BIGGEST Problem.

- Syncronzing CAN'T done well.

after left the phone 26 HOURS, still syncing maybe only 3%, with the same data I did 2 hours.

HOw come Sony Ericsson have the product SO BAD like this???

attachemt Syncing View.jpg is view after 26 Hours, still like that.

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Re: Sync SE Xperia X2 to Windows Mobile Device Center

putput21, i no mean to prove this is a good phone, but just try to giving advice for you, hope can solve your problem!!!


i never sync my phone with the cpu, normally i am using "Mircosoft My Phone". you just need to create a hotmail account, then you can start using it for free, everytimes i format my phone, i sync back my backup... there are including contact, calendar, task, (even) text message, browser favorites, photo, videos, music, documents and even all the data from you storage card (mirco SD)... but you need a connection with internet or wifi. (with this phone you need a *unlimited Internet usage plan) upgrade the latest myphone from "marketplace" (free). you also can modify all data you want to sync to your phone from  or,

sync with "sony ericsson sync" but this is a bit limited... use both!!!

(sometimes it sync slow might be your service provide transfer speed problem) (malaysia-digi download speed 700kbps and 200kbps upload speed i only use 2~3mins...)


two advises,

1). format your phone, setting>system>phone reset (backup all data first!!! with "microsoft myphone" is the best...)

2). bring to the SE service center, let them help you re-install (free)!!!

(but if you want your phone work stable, don't install many unnecessary software, and install it slowly and always restart after install, plus try configuration (like "sounds & notifications") your phone at last)


this i cannot help... sorry... (i only use the hardware-keyboard, as it provided)


i think, better don't sync to computer then...

(i don't have this problem... maybe is because of the cpu OS???) or did you install the phone driver collectly???

ok!!! wish this help you!!!

if you got it, just try to love it!!!

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Re: Sync SE Xperia X2 to Windows Mobile Device Center

yes 95,

you really help a lot, at least, Im trying to love it.:-)

but, still some HUGE problem also:-)

I use Microsoft office 2007, and should maintain more than 10 email address.

But dont need to syn my email.

i need only contact, task, and calender. its because all my data already in microsoft outlook. i used it since 10 years ago.

Maybe I should try to other, as your suggestion. thanks.

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Re: Sync SE Xperia X2 to Windows Mobile Device Center

hi, putput21,

sorry i never use microsoft outlook,

but at microsoft wedpage, i think i saw before for the microsoft outlook free download, (maybe )

and also they got a free download for the office mobile 2010 at marketplace,

(don't know this help or not???)

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Re: Sync SE Xperia X2 to Windows Mobile Device Center

not help of course.

syncro for windows mobile 6.5 should using WMDC (Windows Mobile DEvice CEntre)

i installed it and remove it, and downloaded again and installed again 3 times.

not work yet.

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Re: Sync SE Xperia X2 to Windows Mobile Device Center

Hello Putput21,

I share in your frustration over syncing your contacts, notes, calendar and tasks with Microsoft Outlook. I was appalled the first time I tried it and it took so long. Because my previous phones i.e. SE P910i and P990i which are symbian devices did syncing with so much ease using their software called PC Suite for SmartPhones, I didn't anticipate any problems syncing with Xperia X2. I was so disappointed, but because I have already bought the phone, an expensive phone too, I had to find a solution. After fidgeting with it for some time, I realized that it synced my emails, and i have a lot of them on my pc, over the internet to my corporate exchange server, and I guess that accounted for the long synchronization time. So i got rid of the emails, disconnected the phone from the internet, before it took a shorter time to sync.

I think Sony Ericsson should get us a more effective software for sychronizing with Microsoft Outlook (one that works like their PC Suite for SmartPhones) since not all of us are comfortable uploading our phone's content onto a server over which we don't have any control as occurs when we use Microsoft My phone.

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Re: Sync SE Xperia X2 to Windows Mobile Device Center


I never syn my mail.

cos i have to maintain more than 10 email address, so, its imposible to do it by Mobile.

I just syn my contact, task, and calender.

BUT, still very slow, not failed,

after more than 40 hours, just around 5% synced.

so many un aswered question.

i know the SE is a big brand,

but, it's complicated, while develope it with Windows Mobile.

I just change other brand which is 'ready' for windows mobile product.

all my problem finished.

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Re: Sync SE Xperia X2 to Windows Mobile Device Center

Are u saying you have moved on to another phone and stopped using the Xperia X2? I hope Sony Ericsson reps here are listening. The phone is expensive so users must be satisfied otherwise they will leave.

By the way, pupput21, may i know which phone u are now using, and what do u mean by it's 'ready' for windows mobile?