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Stamina Mode

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Message 1 of 4

Stamina Mode

Hi again,


i am new in using sony, i want to ask. does the stamina mode always off the mobile data and wifi whenever the screen is off?

or can it be set so that it wont do that?

feel free to reply.


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Re: Stamina Mode

If you are downloading something then it wouldn't turn it off automatically. It is pretty useful otherwise.
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Re: Stamina Mode

Agree, if we have to option to turn off/on wifi or data when entering the stamina mode.  It will be useful, as we can choise what apps to allow to run when phone sleep/standy.


Now i put it to 20% only activate and no apps allow running.

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Re: Stamina Mode



After i do some digging and testing.  Appearently stamina mode is a good feature in Sony Phone, as for my point of view.


How it work (my understanding):-

1. It do not turn off the mobile data nor the wifi when screen off.

2. It will prevent the Apps from waking phone up and perform activity and or use the data or wifi when screen off.

3. Apps in the white list will be allow to perform as normal when screen off.

4. When screen on, all operation will be resume.

5. Apps that having activity with mobile data or wifi will allow to complete after screen off. It will activate once activity has finished.

6. Phone call, SMS, MMS, pre-installed Calander app and alarm app will not be affected by this feature.


Reference :-


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